Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's 2011 already?

This year I actually talked to Joe about making a resolution. Oddly enough, we were both on the same page! We both felt the need to work on the same thing. Even more odd? Seems EVERYONE else feels the same way. I swear, I am being hit left, right and center by MANY people with the same resolution as me. (Is the suspense killing you yet? Probably not since the chances are good that it's your resolution too...)

The #1 Resolution for the new year:

Charity. I admire those who are naturally charitable. To an extent I believe most people are (myself included). BUT- I feel like I should be doing more. A couple thoughts on this.

I was reading quotes the other day and came across one that struck me just right. Keeping in mind that I am paraphrasing here, it said:

It's not Charity to give a hungry dog a bone. Charity is sharing your bone when you are as hungry as the dog.

What a fantastic way of putting it... I want to focus on giving of myself until I can FEEL the pinch.

On a much funnier note, I was tuning out Glenn Beck the other night (Joe was watching), and he too has resolved to be more charitable... his motto for the year:

"To the government: I've upped my charity, now up yours!"


A couple other things I wanna work on?

-Appreciating my children when they are awake. (Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate them- but I wish away half my day just WAITING for naptime... I don't wanna be like that anymore!)

-Eat healthier and start running.

-FHE. Gotta be better about that. My kids are getting old enough to notice...

How about you? Any plans for 2011?


Party of Four said...

Oh my gosh. I love the "appreciating your kids when you're awake" thing. I am SO bad at that! Perfect. Lots of love, luck, and charity in 2011! Hugs.