Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letters from my children... and Lacey being funny!

A couple days ago Lil got herself in trouble. She has been neglecting one of her chores- more specifically, her bedroom. She is supposed to clean it every day, and she hadn't cleaned it for the last 4... SO- I sent her to her room. She was not allowed to leave for anything except bathroom breaks and meals. About an hour and a half later, as I was preparing dinner and had spent most of the afternoon trying (without success) to get her to clean her room, she came into the kitchen and very sweetly said, "Mom, I wrote you a letter." She then set it on the table and took off at a VERY brisk pace. I went and looked at the letter, and though I was tired, and frustrated, and annoyed at her still being in her room because she was refusing to do a 10 minute job, I couldn't help but smile at her note.
For those who don't have a 5 year old and can't decipher her writing... "Mom I Do noT love U HATe Lilia" (Instead of "Love, Lilia") hehehehe. I love it!

So when she came back out a few minutes later she said, "Mom, did you see my letter." And I said, "Yes! I loved it!" She looked at me like a nut job and said, "Did you read it?" And I said, "Yes! And Lilia, your hand writing is getting SO GOOD! I LOVE it, and I am SO proud of you!" Her response? "UGH!" and off to her room she went madder than ever! It was pretty funny!

The next day, after her room was finally clean, she gave me this note:
"Dere (dear) Mom I Rele (really) love U mom you ARe The BesT evRe (ever) Love Lilia"

Yesterday, Lacey drew a picture (on the back of my insurance paperwork) that was really REALLY cute. So of course, for posterity's sake, I HAD to post it here. I asked who the two people were, and she informed me that it was Grandma (my mom) and Uncle David (my brother- not one of the other two Uncle David's she has).
(I typed the names on the picture so you would know who was who)

Earlier this week, I caught Lacey playing in the kitchen. Seems she wanted to provide baby Matthew with some more food...
That would be a manual breast pump- and she has it upside down and no bottle attached, but well- it's a good start! She cracks me up! SO FUNNY!


Sariah said...

Awww, I love Lilia's letters! Funny and sweet.

That pic of Lacey "pumping" is hilarious!

You're a good mom. :)

heidijogoody said...

How darn cute... I especially love the reaction you gave Lilia over the "mean" letter she sent you.

~Aimee~ said...

Hehehe! Jilly loves to play with my pump too. In fact, I've seen her try to pump several times (getting it right too) but haven't seen her try to nurse yet. Too funny. I love that your reaction to Lil's first letter totally flabbergasted her. Hehehe!