Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random pictures and stories...

Just some random stuff I pulled off the camera.

I love my boys! Such handsome men!

Lilia loves holding Matthew. She is especially helpful at calming him down when Mom is unable to come to his rescue. I just send Lil to hold and cuddle him until I am available.

Lacey making her own peanut butter sandwich... of course she doesn't want to get her clothes dirty, so she used my tank top as her outfit of choice when making her PB&J masterpiece.

So the biggest mistake I keep making with my Matthew safe diet is accidentally using food items that contain dairy in them. Take for example, two days ago. I was CRAVING meatloaf for dinner. I have been wanting meatloaf for a week or more, and I went in search of a recipe that didn't have milk in it. I found one that sounded promising, so I made it. As I was putting the raw meatloaf in the pan to cook it, I decided to double check all the ingredients, just to be safe. Good thing I did, because the meatloaf had breadcrumbs in it. Those breadcrumbs were a store bought brand and sure enough... they contained milk! UGH! I had just made a 2 lb. meatloaf that I couldn't eat! I was so mad! I ended up giving the meatloaf to a family I know who was having a really hard/busy day, and made a new meal for dinner... But because of this little mistake, I decided to reorganize my pantry. NOT the easiest chore with a newborn around. It took me all day, but I did it!

Here's all my food out of the pantry and spread throughout my kitchen...

The empty pantry before I reloaded it...

And the finished product. I now have two "Matthew safe" shelves one "Matthew can't eat it" shelf, and one "keep out of the kids reach" shelf

And this is the laundry basket full of food I am getting rid of since it all contains milk products that we won't be eating anytime soon.

To clarify that last part- just because Matt and I can't eat it doesn't mean the rest of the family is off dairy- Just at dinner and dessert time. My kids can still have chocolate milk or cheese sticks with breakfast or lunch. They can still have quesadillas, or cheese sandwiches. But I am making our dinners dairy free so we can all eat together as a family and so I only have to make one meal (not two). As for dessert- if they wanna buy something already made with milk in it- I am okay with that- but don't expect me to make them dessert I can't touch. Call me mean... I know. So yeah- we are doing a service project at church involving donations to the food bank at the end of the month, and this basket will be my donation! :)


Party of Five said...

Having a boy IS so fun! Glad to hear things are getting figured out with Matthew and his/your diet! We are waiting to bless Nolan until the 2nd of May, and we would LOVE to have you! We will be attending Matt's too, if that's ok. Lots of love!

heidijogoody said...

wow good job on reorganizing the pantry! I bet that will make things a little easier!