Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo Blog- time for some catch up.

So starting at the beginning... Valentines day wasn't super fancy. But- Lilia and I DID put together a totally PINK dinner for Daddy. We had Cornbread (dyed pink of course), Creamy PINK Chili (it's usually white), peaches, pink lemonade, and of course some lovely decorated sugar cookies for dessert!

(Lil helped me decorate the cookies)

A few weeks ago Joe and I FINALLY started a long awaited project. We decided to FINALLY tackle the final wall in out kitchen. This specific wall had caused us all kinds of grief since it originally was wall papered, then the vinyl part of the wall paper was removed, and then paint was slapped up over the remainder of the wall paper. Trying to remove the painted over paper was proving rather difficult, so instead we decided to buy ourselves a 3 lb box of joint compound and RE TEXTURE the wall by hand. It took us about 8 hours to get the new texture up, and I then spent the next couple days priming and painting. This project isn't quite finished yet since I am gonna add a faux finish eventually, but it is in considerably better shape now!

The other day I decided to make some oatmeal bread. I got the first part under way, then added the yeast to some warm water and went to occupy myself elsewhere while the yeast did it's thang. Well I kinda sorta forgot about the yeast, AND the bread. About 45 minutes later this is what I found...

(It was all over my cookbook! But MAN it looked cool...)

Joe's birthday was last Sunday. It was a pretty low key birthday for him, but after the excitement of last year, I figured a down day would be fine. Though to be fair, it was a REALLY down day. Both girls were sick. So- we spent all day (no kidding- all day) watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on TV. It started at 11 and ended at 9:30 pm! Sometime during the course of the day I caught these two pictures.

(I sure do love him!)

And finally- it seems lately that Lilia's favorite thing to do is ride her bike around in our basement. She usually does so without the aid of her helmet and pads, which is fine with me since I don't think she is in danger of being hit by a car down there... Anyway- she DOES like putting her helmet and pads on Lacey. Lucky for Lil, Lacey loves it too!


Ben and Heidi said...

That valentines dinner is such a cute idea to do everything in pink. I am going to do that on St. Patricks day for sure and start getting my girls into the holidays a little more. Congrats on the new vehicle I bet you are very excited.

Hamlie said...

I hope you don't mind but I used your blog in a lesson today :) We were talking about fungus and yeast and my students wanted to know what would happen if we just let it grow. I just happened to remembered where I could find a picture of what would happen :) Thanks for your help!

BTW I was very careful to only show them the picture of the yeast bowl.