Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lilia in REAL time...

SO as I type this Lil is in the process of labeling papers for people coming to dinner tonight. She already made mine. It says "PaM" when I told her my name was mom she said, "yeah but everyone else calls you Pam!"

Without any assistance she has written some others

DAVED (David)
LiLia (herself of course)
LaEcy (Lacey- almost!)
KiVEN (Kevin- we are dealing with issues where she gets "eh" and "ih" confused)
STEVE (Steven- she said she calls him Steve- backwards s)
JoolE (Julie- I love it!)
WENDE (Wendy)
and gRAMo (Grandma- backwards g- if you think about it, a short "o" DOES make the ah sound...)

While doing Steven's she had the "st" written and said, "Look mom! St! Like Stairs, and stars, and steps, and street, and stickers..." she just kept going and going... it was cute! I LOVE that she is reading so well.

I love my daughter! She is so awesome!


Ben and Heidi said...

She really is doing quite well with all that

Moon Family said...

Kids are so fun. I can't wait to do your pictures! I'm glad you're excited. Thanks for your notes on Sleeping through Gethsemane. I was so disappointed I couldn't go. It was nice to have the summary.

Annie Valentine said...

I used to write my parents notes when I was upset and send them down the stairs as paper airplanes. I recently learned that my mother never read a single one.

Literacy is kind of great.

Did you ever find the post? I forgot to publish it with a title and no one was seeing it...

Laural Out Loud said...

I really think that teaching our kids to read is such a wonderful gift. And it's great when it starts to click in their heads!