Friday, March 6, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

So Joe, and I (as well as most of my family) went to the Draper Temple Open House with the kids the other day. It was so beautiful! It was a bit cold, but the temple was absolutely beautiful inside and out.

A couple highlights...

* We saw the baptismal font, and I asked Lil if she wanted to swim in it. Her response:
"No, that's for Heavenly Father and Jesus to swim!"

* Before leaving, I asked Lilia if she wanted to see the temple. She got really excited and was so happy to be able to go inside the temple. She then said, "I can't wait to see the beautiful bathrooms!"

*When I told my uncle the previous story he asked Lilia why she wanted to see the bathrooms, and this was the following conversation:

Uncle Dan:
Why do you want to see the bathrooms?
Lil: Because they are beautiful and CLEAN!
UD:What makes you think they are clean?
L: Because it's the temple! (that was on my prompting)
UD: Oh... do you want to see the sealing rooms? (if you don't know, that's where marriages take place)
L:(looking up at the ceiling and giggling) That's silly!

* Lacey was pretty fussy before we got inside the temple, but it seemed that as soon as we arrived she calmed right down. Both my girls were exceptionally well behaved and reverent inside the temple.

* The Draper temple has some amazingly beautiful rooms in it. The paintings were incredible, as were the murals in a couple of the rooms.

I truly hope that everyone in the Utah area takes the opportunity to walk through the Draper Temple. It is absolutely beautiful and such a wonderful opportunity!