Thursday, January 1, 2009

Again, and again, aaaaannnnd again!

I know I posted earlier about the sickness that has hit my family this Christmas season. As a mini itty bitty recap of my week (or so):

Dec 22: Joe is sick and throws up some (thought to be food poisoning)
Dec 23: Nothin'
Dec 24: Lil wets the bed and announces the need to throw up, but never does
Dec 25: Lil throws up in the AM Lacey and Dad in the PM
Dec 26: Lacey continues cookie tossing but only once. By night time we feel everyone is on their way back to healthy- oh how wrong we were!
Dec 27: Joe and I return from our Anniversary over nighter to Lacey tossing more cookies.
Dec 28: All is well or so we think- no throwing up... until naptime, when Lacey does. Again.
Dec 29: I feel nauseous after dinner, but never toss cookies
Dec 30: Same thing- after dinner ickyness, no cookie tossing
Dec 31: All is well until we are in the car about to go to the Nicklecade and spend some family time wasting money! Then Lil decides to throw up about 20 minutes from home. :S Talk about a fun drive back!

Which brings us to today... nothing yet. I no longer feel queasy and all is well- and before you ask- nope... NOT pregnant, Thank you very much.

I am SO bleaching the whole house today! (Already changed all the bedding this morning... now on to bleaching the floors, doors, knobs, cabinets, counters, etc. Wish me luck that no one else gets sick!


Diane Conn said...

vinegar kills bactieria too, and isn't so harsh on you or your stuff.

sorry you all are sick.
tell the girls, and joe, to knock it off!

Ben and Heidi said...

all I can say is stay away from me!! I feel like this stuff has been circling the ward for sometime now it seems like at least one person in my family has had some sort of flu at least once a month for the past like 3 months it is nuts! I hope you all continue to get well and that it has passed!

Moon Family said...

That stinks to have so much sickies going around esp over the holidays. Ok, I tried your honey bbq ribs recipe...YUM! We love it and my husband has already eaten almost all of it! Thanks for sharing and putting the book together. It's been fun to try so many new recipes.