Friday, March 7, 2008


SO I have finally done it. I have joined the blogging world. I might as well start by introducing myself. At least a little. I have two daughters. Lilia (3 years) and Lacey (7 1/2 months). No- the L's are not a theme. The names we liked best just happen to start with L. In fact, if we had gone with our original names our girls would be Renae and Audrey. Or Renae and Sophie. But Lilia's name came to my husband and won me over almost instantly. Then Lacey got her name while I was in labor. Even then, she was either Lacey or Sophie, but when we took one look at her blue little face and body, we both said, "Lacey." No worries- she pinked up fine- eventually...

I also happen to have a husband. Yeah- he is pretty awesome. Named Joe. I like him bunches. Thats a technical term for lots and lots.

I am a domestic engineer. And lemme tell ya, thats one heck of a hard job! It's totally my job to make sure these children become somewhat normal functioning adults, who don't totally hate me.

Speaking of hating me, the baby is currently screaming at me in what I can only assume is the Adamic language that she is wanting attention and possibly some food. To be continued...


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm gonna set you up as a link on my blog. :)

P.S. That dress is gorgeous!!!