Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Name Game

Joseph Brent
Named after his Grandfather (Joseph) and father (Brent). Pretty standard...

Pamela Renee
While my mom was pregnant with me, it was decided that I was going to be named Blair whether I was a boy or girl. LUCKY FOR ME my mother was on a bus a few weeks before I was born and she saw a personalized license plate that read "Pamela." And she fell in love with it. As for my middle name, all of my siblings have middle names that are family names. But not me. "Renae just fit" SO- to sum up, all my siblings were named after family- I was named after a licence plate.

First off, my girls will not have middle names. They will eventually be able to use their maiden names as middle names... When I was pregnant with Lil she was gonna be Renee. From day one I was going to name her after my middle name (I had wanted a Renee since I was in grade school and decided my parents screwed my name up and should have named me Renee). Well, Joe really wanted to name one kid of ours a slovic name since he served a mission in Bulgaria. I was fine with that... as long as it wasn't a girl cause her name was gonna be Renee. Well, we found out it was a girl, and Joe was totally fine with Renee. BUT- he was showing me pictures of people from his mission one day and showed me a picture of a woman named Lilia, and I instantly KNEW that was my daughters name. So Joe got his wish, and I dropped Renee all together.

The day we found out baby #2 was a girl, I found the name Audrey, and that was gonna be her name. But, Joe was not feelin' it. He didn't hate it, but he also didn't love it either. A few months before she was born I was watching the first episode of last season's "So You Think You Can Dance" and one of the competitors was Lacey (sister to the previous season's winner). I loved the name instantly. Joe still wasn't for sure. When I went into labor, he was online looking up names. He finally found one he liked. Sophie. We decided to see what she looked like when she was born. A few minutes after her birth, once she started breathing, he looked at her, looked at me and said, " She is NOT a Sophie, definitely a Lacey."


Morgan said...

Very fun! And I love the pictures!

Lawrence said...

Just wondering Pam, Janet says her first name came from a novel that your mom was reading. Also, with the naming of your children. Are you going to get stuck on the L's? Like my sister got stuck on the B's? Brittany, Brianna, Bailey, Bryson. Its like if you want to call one orf the kids, you go B...B...B...B... or in your case L...L...etc. Lawrence