Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My baby is growing up. It makes me a bit sad. I am so very very excited to see her hit these major milestones, but it also means saying goodbye to a window of her babyhood that I am truly gonna miss. In the last week my little 7 1/2 month old wonder child hit some pretty major milestones. She is crawling. She is starting to talk. She plays Pat-a-cake. She can pull herself up to standing, and the biggest one? SHE HAS HER FIRST TOOTH.

For about 2 weeks now whenever Joe gets home from work, or when Lacey wakes up from a nap and sees her daddy for the first time, she will smile and say "da da da da..." now I at first thought it was coincidence, but I am beginning to believe that she is doing it on purpose! It makes her daddy so proud to hear her call him "dadda." She also says ma ma ma... if coached enough. :)

When we play pat-a-cake with her I usually hold her hands and clap for her and do all the proper motions. BUT- when I let go and keep singing she starts clapping her little hands together all by herself. And though she can't "roll it" or "mark it with a B" she DOES throw her hands in the air at the end. So. Darn. Cute.

Lacey has finally started crawling. She still only crawls out of necessity, but its only a matter of time before she sees the benefit of being on all 4. She is so funny! She gets so mad when she finally manages to catch up with me, only for me to walk away from her...

She has been struggling with a couple ear infections this last week, and I have credited them with keeping her from sleeping through the night, and she has also lost a lot of her appetite, I assumed, because it hurt to swallow.... turns out not only are her ears bothering her, but her first tooth just broke through last night! This morning I woke up, got her out of her crib, and sho nuff she has a little tooth poking through. Poor girl! No wonder she has been so miserable, it hurts not just in her ears, but also in her little mouth! But-as sad as I am to loose the toothless grin, the single tooth grin is just as cute.

My baby girl is growing up so quickly. It is so neat watching her learn, but at the same time, I am so sad to see her leaving her babyhood behind, and rushing to become a toddler. I sure love this kid though!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Awww, yeah it can be bittersweet sometimes. Mostly sweet, but a little sad, too.

I like how your blogs all end with a picture. That's a nice touch. :)