Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Easter already?!

Easter was really uneventful for us this year. It really became apparent that I need to be better at forming family traditions of my own for Easter. On Saturday we did do a neighborhood easter egg hunt. It was less of a hunt and more of an Easter Egg RUN. Its a wide open field that has tons and tons of eggs spread across it. They have it sectioned off into age groups. Lil was in the youngest kids group for the last time. Next year she moves up to the next age group... Well, they have a fire truck there that blares its siren, which is the starting signal. As soon as the siren goes off the kids make a mad dash at the eggs in their section... Lil did really well! I didn't get pictures cause I wasn't there, Joe took her while I put the baby down for her nap. Anyway- thats the only egg hunt Lil had this year. We then came home and did a little bit of nothing besides decorating eggs (which I was too dumb to take pictures of).

Sunday morning the girls woke up to Easter baskets and new church dresses. Lacey's basket was really just her dress, a small toy and a couple eggs we decorated the day before. Lil had a more bounteous basket... Lots of chocolate, candy, a couple little kid nail polishes, and some soap paint for the bathtub, as well as her new dress. I got the girls dressed in their new dresses (which were super cute and matching, but I couldn't find the camera, so once again, no pictures) and we went to church. The Easter program was wonderful, and the kids were pretty well behaved, but by the time church was out, Lil had made a mess out of her dress so no pictures then either! Man! I totally suck at this picture taking thing! Well, Sunday night we went to dinner at my MIL's house, but she is boycotting Easter cause there are no flowers in bloom yet, so she is gonna be doing an egg hunt sometime in the next few weeks... So yeah, we saw family, we ate candy, we got the girls new dresses, but otherwise, a pretty uneventful Easter. It IS nice to see the family though!

SO- Because I failed to take pictures of my kids, here are a few pictures from Easter of TWO YEARS AGO- when Lil was only 1 1/2...