Friday, August 20, 2010

What an oddball day!

Some of the highlights (and/or lowlights) of my day...

* Found out which class my daughter is in for 1st Grade. Miss Southard- who we hear is FANTASTIC!
* She shares this class with one of her very best friends (and according to her- her future husband) Kyle.

* My basement passed it's first inspection yesterday (go Joe!) and so we could set up getting it insulated- which I set up for this morning.
* The insulators were 2 1/2 hours late arriving, but they did eventually get here.
* The insulation sales rep had told us all about the rebate program that would get us some 80% of the cost refunded to us, all we had to do was fill in a few vital pieces of information on the forms.
*I was given the forms about the time the insulation was finished... the forms are ONLY for customers of Questar Gas and Rocky Mountain Power- which covers about 90% of the state... unfortunately we are part of that other 10%.
*We just paid full price for the insulation with no promise of any kind of rebate :(
* On a whim I called the city to ask their gas and power company if THEY participate in the rebate program. They gave me a big fat "YES WE DO" then told me to go to to find the proper paperwork to fill out.
* I went to can't find it.
* I call get the run around before being told to call the city
* Call the city back get the run around before being told to call the state.
* Call the state- they don't know what I am talking about.
* Call Questar just to see if they can point me to the proper department... they can't.
:: SIGH :: to be continued (maybe)

* Get a call from the phone company- we have set up a free internet upgrade install for MONDAY, but he has an opening... can he do it today? I say, "SURE! The house is already under siege from the insulation guys- what's another person?"
* The phone dude comes, and in no time at all has the upgrade done!
* He then lets slip that he is the son of one of my all time FAVORITE LDS Authors (Anita Stansfield)!!!
* I just LOVE his mom- and I tell him so. He laughs and says, "I do too!"
* Then I call a friend- phone is SUPER choppy :(
* Call my mom to figure out if it is my phone (most likely) or my friends phone (not so likely)... it's my phone.
* Get on my cell phone (which is rapidly running out of minutes) and call the phone company to find out what the problem is...
* Turns out we shouldn't have gotten the upgrade until WEDNESDAY of next week because the new upgrade is wreaking havoc on our phone, and the fix for it is not set to be done until Tuesday...
* MY home phone is too choppy to use
* My cell phone is nearly out of minutes
* But I can text message! :) Don't call us til Wednesday people!
* On the plus side, the phone company is giving us a free month of service because of the mix up...

And how was YOUR day?


Ben and Heidi said...

Wow what a day for you.. I am sure you will be glad when you can go to bed and dream of a better, well just maybe less crazy day tomorrow!