Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This last week has been chalk full of new milestones.

Last Wednesday was Lilia's first day of first grade. Her first FULL day of school. She loves it so far, and she loves her teacher.

Then on Saturday, Matthew turned 7 months old AND got his first tooth! I have yet to get a picture of it, but here is a cute one of him chewing on this mesh baggie of apricots...

Then Yesterday was Lilia's 6th Birthday. :) She is such a big girl!

Today is Lacey's first day of preschool. She chose her own outfit and asked me to give her pig tails. :) She is pretty excited!

I sure love my kids- it blows my mind how quickly they are growing up!


heidijogoody said...

Lots of fun milestones! Carter is still yet to get any teeth!