Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Part 3

Sorry for the long delay between posts... It's been a busy couple months.

We ended up going to Lake Tahoe for my Family Reunion this year. It was all sorts of fun- like usual- and we had a GREAT time.

My grandfather decided to make a point (though I don't remember it now) and dressed the part of a cowboy to teach his lesson... IT really got our attention, and we all had a good laugh watching Grandma trying to get my cousin's boots (easily two sizes too small) off Grandpa's feet.

Yes- Grandpa was threatening to kick her in the behind... hehehe

In the afternoons, Lacey needed to take her nap, and Joe and I traded off who got to lay down with her. Joe won this time, and they both took a nap together. Cute!

We got our family reunion shirts, and had our picture taken (as we do every year)... both as an individual family

And as the HUGE extended family! (I know- small picture- but wow! There are a lot of us!)

I have three very awesome cousins that are near my age and growing up we referred to ourselves as the 4 corners (as in: Where we all end up with our noses to the wall in timeout). Growing up, they were my very best friends, and as we have grown to adulthood we have all drifted our separate ways, though I would venture to say that we are all still very good friends. Due to our changes in life, some of us have missed quite a few of the more recent reunions. THIS year was the first time in 9 years that all 4 of us were at reunion, so of course we got a picture! I can honestly say these three cousins are still my very best friends. I JUST LOVE THEM!

And one of the funniest moments of our reunion... Lilia had been naughty, and Joe called her over to talk with her. The whole time they were talking, Lilia was holding her bum as though Joe was on the verge of spanking her... I couldn't help but get a picture! It's just too funny!