Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Part 2

Once we left Jason's house (see last post), we headed to San Ramon to visit Joe's grandmother. Grandma Q had never met my kids, so this was a pretty awesome opportunity to introduce my kids to their great grandmother on Daddy's side.

Joe's grandma lives with her daughter (Joe's aunt) Bonnie. Bonnie has a pool. Lacey saw the pool and instantly did this...

Matthew was pretty tired when we got to Bonnie's house. Oh how we love nap time!

Lilia visiting with Grandma Q... Lilia told me later that she really really loves her Grandma Q

We spent the night with Joe's family, then headed on our way to family reunion. We stopped for one night in Modesto to visit with some friends I grew up with, and spent the night at my aunt's house. She had her grandkids over for the night, so Lilia and Lacey were in heaven with other kids their age to play with.

Joe got tackled by all the kids...

I was tired- and got tackled by just one little kid... Matthew decided eating my shoulder would be fun.

The next morning, we headed out for Family Reunion... Stay tuned for part 3!


Mary and Steve said...

I wish you could roll up that sweet shag carpet and bring it back with you :) Looks like fun!

Ben and Heidi said...

Looks like you guys had some fun times.. I admire you for making that drive we only drove for 6 hours to Lake Powell and I was more then ready to strangle Lily..she does not travel well at all.