Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lacey!

I am a bit behind on posting this, but better late than never, right?

My baby girl turned two last Friday. She has been such a wonderful baby, and I am so glad I have had the privilege to be her momma.

Lacey has recently decided that talking isn't such a bad thing. She adds to her vocabulary daily. And not just little words- but some pretty complex bigger words too! Words like, Cereal, Seat belt, Lacey (Yacey), Grandma (Gan-naw), Grandpa, Blast Off, Church, Barney (I know- ::sigh::), parts of the Alphabet song (she's got the tune down, but she has A-G and the rest sound like either A or E), The itsy bitsy spider song, Old MacDonald, and The "I love you" Barney song.

On her actual birthday I took her to the pantry to choose her breakfast (I always pull down a box of cereal, and a box of instant oatmeal and let her choose what she wants). She turned her nose up at both breakfast options and pushed them out of her way, then she pointed to the top shelf and said, "No momma! Goo.. Kuh.. Cookie!" It was so cute (and it WAS her birthday) that I complied and she ate 3 Oreos for breakfast! And cookie was her new word of the day.

Lacey is so quiet, and sweet. She loves to cuddle, she adores her daddy, and is great at giving hugs and kisses. She is smart, and funny, and cute as a button! She loves to play with her sister Lilia (Eee-Yee-Uh), and has the most infectious laugh! She has a very mild attitude, and is pretty eay going. She keeps me on my toes, and keeps Lilia busy, and she loves to play pretend. Especially when Lil is pretending to be Lacey's mom and pushes Lacey around in the stroller or lays Lacey down for a nap.

I love my baby girl more than words can describe, and I look forward to many more fun years with my girls! Happy Birthday Lacey, we love you!

Lacey trying on her new nightgown from one of her grandmas.

Coloring in her new coloring book. She had to test drive EVERY gift. It was way cute!

She finally seems to have figured out the trick to opening the gifts without help.

Playing with doll #1, while momma unties doll #2. Seems her other two grandma's had the same idea!

The candles confused her. She loved being sung to, but was happy to just watch the flames rather than blow them out!

Momma and Lacey come to help her blow them out!

The cake was a homemade cake from Joe's mom. She made a sponge cake and topped it with chocolate covered strawberries. Quite yummy, and not too sugar loaded. Though I think Lacey would have preferred a chocolate cake, the rest of us enjoyed it! It is great to have such a wonderful family to spend my children's birthdays with!


Miller Fam said...

Happy Birthday Lacey! That cake looks sooo yummy! Glad it wasn't at my house! I couldnt have resisted :)

Ben and Heidi said...

Happy birthday to Lacey! I can't believe she is already 2

Jenny said...

Cute blog!! Fun birthday pics

Diane Conn said...

You're getting behind on your blog again. Its making it difficult to stalk you!

oH...and I want to see your family pictures that you just had done.