Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hair we go again!

So, today has been a real doozy...

We are getting our family pictures taken tonight. I usually am pretty excited about pictures. I love to get us all dressed up and cute lookin', than have someone capture pictures of us all at our best! I even went and had Lil's and my hair cut last week so we could be all pretty-fied for the pictures! BUT- I have been dreading it this time. Why? Because, I am too FAT for my pants!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I am a skin and bones kinda person. I am not fat. I have never been fat. And even at the peak of pregnancy, I am pretty skinny (besides the belly). But even skinny people, when pregnant, find that eventually their pants DON'T fit anymore! That is where I am right now. My normal pants are too small. And to make it worse, my maternity pants are WAY TOO BIG. I look like a little girl playing around in her mommy's pants. I hate this stage of pregnancy. I really really do. Is it too much to ask for cute pants that fit?! I mean really!

Well- I have recently inherited ALL my SIL's maternity clothes. They have been packed away in my basement since they had their last babies. I figured since I am supposed to look all cute tonight for the pictures, now would be a good time to go through all their clothes and find what I like, what I need, and what might just fit me now.

As I headed down to our completely unfinished basement, I had to shoo the kids upstairs to eat their breakfast (the kids like playing down there in the summer- it's nice and cool). So I head over to the corner of the basement holding all the maternity clothes and what do I find? No- not now, NOT TODAY! I was on the phone at the time, and my poor dear friend heard me totally freak out and start crying. I gathered up the cause of my tears, head upstairs. Set the cause down on a stool, and go in search of a camera, because as much as I am crying now, this will all be much funnier in a few months (or years).

Lilia, it seems, saw it fit to cut not just her hair, but Lacey's hair too! To say I was upset was an understatement. I fluctuated between anger and horror for the next half hour while I struggled with getting the kids dressed and ready to walk down to Great Clips for a hair "fix."

I don't have any really good before shots of either kid- I was smart enough to photograph the missing hair, but didn't think to snap a pic of the kids... so here are a couple of pics to give you some kind of idea...

Lilia last month. Just note the length of the hair and lack of bangs...

And Lilia NOW:

From the front it sorta reminds me of Hailey Mills in the original Parent Trap...

Yeah- it's very different. And it's gonna take some getting used to. Lilia was NOT thrilled with it. Maybe this will teach her not to cut her hair! :)

And then there is Lacey- before:
Now to give a bit of explanation, I know her hair is a bit unruly, but it was the perfect length for some super cute little pig tails on top of her head for tonight's pictures... And from the back- just so you get an idea of the length (this was from her birthday party)

The after pictures are going to have to wait until she wakes up from her nap- I'll post her pictures later... But lets just say she has bangs about as short as Lil's and they had to cut an inch off the back. So it looks a little more done, but I am not sure I will be able to put pig tails in her hair now. Especially since she has a bit of a baby comb over to cover a particularly short spot on the side...

On a brighter note? I DID find a cute pair of White Capri's for the pictures tonight. So at least our OUTFITS will look good!

** UPDATE!**

Here is Lacey after...

Complete with food on the face :)

Just an inch or so shorter... sad day for momma.

Cute baby side profile. The comb over is working it's magic to hide the short spot!


Roo said...

Lilia looks SO grown up with that hair cut! I'll have to tell her that next time I see her; she'll love it.

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh man! This is one thing I am hoping the girls never try out. At least their hair wasn't too bad so they could at least still get some cute little hair cuts.