Friday, June 6, 2008

Fathers Day ideas?

So Fathers Day is approaching. Has anyone ever noticed that our poor husbands and fathers get nowhere NEAR the attention that us moms get? Its kinda not really fair! I mean, Joe is awesome! Much more so than I am! He deserves all kinds of attention! Did you know that Mothers Day is a flag holiday? (They suggest you fly your flags on certain holidays, and though Mothers Day is on that list, Fathers Day ISN'T!!)

Anyway- I am looking to get him an AWESOME Fathers Day gift, but am short on ideas. I already have half a gift for him. Its something I know he has been wanting, but it has been out of print for the last few years. I caught wind that it was becoming available next Saturday so I pre-ordered it and will be getting it here in about a week! BUT- the problem is that what I got him (which will no doubt make his day) cost me a grand total of about 30 bucks. His gift to me was totally amazing, and worth so much more than his gift is costing me. I want to do MORE for him, but don't know what I want... So my plea is that you may be able to help! Any suggestions for good, thoughtful, gifts for guys?

(OH, and the reason for not telling what the gift is on here is that Joe IS aware of this blog, and though he has NEVER checked it out YET, it would be just my luck that he would check it and see this blog before Fathers Day. I will let ya'll know what I bought him AFTER he has gotten it.)

What say you? Any suggestions?


Sariah in Vancouver said...

I wonder if they don't have it listed as a day to fly the flag because the actual "Flag Day" is June 14th and that is so close to (if not on) Father's Day? That's interesting though.

I am still trying to decide what to get my husband, so I'm not much help! lol

Perhaps you should have the girls make him something. Ooh, one of my husband's favorite ties is one with pictures of Cadi on it. You could have one made for him with the girls' pic on it. Or if he has a space to put them at work, get some framed pics of the girls.

Good luck! :)

Morgan said...

We are getting the classic cologne gift. Also, breakfast in bed, a book, and a homemade card. but don't write back about it on my blog....he reads it! :)

Heather & Billy said...

Billy ALWAYS points out that dad's get gypped with their holiday and that it isn't as big of a deal. Billy really liked his shave that he got for our anniversary instead of Father's Day. He always loves getting a massage too. There is a spa called Mainspring Day Spa in Orem that he first went to and really really liked it. Want something totally cool though? Get him a ride on the bobsled at Olympic Park. Totally unforgettable (according to all the men in my life who have now done it).
The tie idea from Riah is great too. has lots of stuff like that. Last year I got a white tie from distribution services and inked the kids' feet. They all fit perfectly like they were walking on the tie. Then I wrote on the top "with faith in every footstep, we'll follow in your ways". He got tons of compliments.