Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Reunion Part 5 (Tuesday)

The rest of the drive home was quite uneventful. I missed the exit for lunch, and didn't wanna wait til the next city (an hour away) so I turned around at a weigh station and went back. As we were leaving again, I passed that weigh station and realized that I had NO GAS and was out of exits before the next city... so I used those little dirt roads that sometimes can be seen linking the east bound lanes with the west bound lanes. You know - the ones police cars at while waiting to pull you over? Yeah- totally illegal, but darn it- we were on fumes!

Other than that- no incidents for the rest of the drive.

I was home by 5, and mom was on her way home soon after. Did I mention she was an AMAZING help, great company, and that she is totally awesome and fantastical? Cause she was, and is.

I would love to report that this is the end of my adventure, but it isn't. Here I sit, finishing this disaster of a trip's blogs, and it's 12:30 at night. Why am I still up? Well... since starting this bloggy drama, Lacey has thrown up 10 (yes, TEN) times. At least I am home. And she is in MY bathroom. Making a mess of MY towels and our trusty "yucky bucket". Not in MY car. Or MY cousin's house. With HIS towels and HIS nice newlywed bathroom trash can... Gotta find that silver lining! It could be SO much worse!


Diane Conn said...

Oh Pam! You don't know how much I wish this weekend had gone differently for you. There are no words that I can offer that can fix all that happened but I want you to know that I missed you and was glad for at least the hour I got to see you on Friday.

(You should watch online for a cheap round trip flight. Maybe you could fly your self out without the kids for a night to spend time with Grandma and your friends...and me)

Ben and Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! This sure sounds like a trip to remember for years! You will love that you have it all documented for later in life though! Crazy, Crazy times!