Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Reunion Part 2 (Saturday)

Saturday we went bowling where I finally got to see my grandparents. Grandma looked good, and she said something to me that I will treasure til the day I die. I got to chat with her for a minute (literally) and then had to go tend to the bedlamites (more specifically Matthew). After Bowling we went back to my Uncle's house for lunch and some swimming. After letting Lilia play in the pool for an excessive amount of time we called her inside to cool off and get out of the sun.

Well... about 30 minutes after getting out of the pool, Lil said, "I think I am gonna throw up!" and made a dash for the bathroom. I was hot on her heels, and when we found the downstairs bathroom was occupied I picked her up and ran for the upstairs bathroom. She sat on the floor in the bathroom for a minute and eventually she tossed all her cookies. After which she laid her feverish head on the ground and fell asleep. Poor thing. It was almost time to leave for the next leg of the reunion (a required family meeting where my grandpa gives us all some much needed advice and speaks about the importance of having a close family). Joe and I decided that Lil most likely had heat stroke, and so Joe took her (and Matthew) back to my cousin's house to sleep it off while I went on to the Family meeting and BBQ at my grandparent's house (with Lacey).

The BBQ went well and I spent another minute or two talking with Grandma. I visited with more family and had quite an enjoyable evening. Saturday night was all sorts of fun, since Lilia couldn't keep anything down. To add to it, by about 11 pm I started feeling all sorts of wonky and my stomach was not very happy. I told Joe about it, then went to lay down. I know at some point Joe came in to ask me a question, and though I was wide awake, I was very disoriented and confused. I was SO getting sick! And Joe was supposed to leave to go home TOMORROW MORNING. So I was gonna be by myself with three kids. AND I WAS SICK!

I have never prayed harder in my life for a miracle. And I am so glad to say I was granted that miracle. I woke up feeling totally normal at 6:30 (Alarm clock Matthew doesn't have a snooze button) to send Joe back home.