Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's hear it for the girls!

This was a fun week for both of my beautiful girls. On Friday of last week Lilia came home with the long awaited "Big Green Tractor!" (For those of you not in the know, this is a big construction paper tractor for them to decorate with pictures and info about themselves to then take back to class. Basically it means just this- Lilia is student of the week!) Then on Monday Lacey came peeling out of preschool yelling, "Momma! I got to be the helper today and I get to take home the show and tell bag!"

Lacey thought about it all day Tuesday and decided what to take for show and tell. So we put the object in the show and tell bag and then had to write three hints about what was in the bag so the rest of her class could guess what it was. The hints: 1. I am white. 2. I am fuzzy. 3. If I could talk I would say, "quack, quack!" Funny enough- this specific toy was an Arctic Circle kids meal toy. She just LOVES her fluffy duck. :)

As for Lil, her tractor went back to school on Monday sporting pictures of her, her family, and her favorite thing to do (gymnastics), as well as telling about her favorite color (blue), food (peaches), and if she has any pets (1 dog- Midge). Yesterday she came home with what I think is just about the cutest spotlight ever! It seems whoever is the student of the week- forgive me- FARMER of the week gets letter written to them by everyone in the class. And I must admit. These letters are SO CUTE! I, of course, being the proud momma that I am will share some of them with you. After reading them it seems almost as if each table (group of 4-5 students) shared information since she has almost identical letters in little bunches, but they are still fantastic. The letter starts:

________ is special because...


The kids fill in all the blanks.

A list of characteristics attributed to Lilia in these letters is:

Lilia is special because...

She is fun/funny.
She has a wonderful memory.
She is beautiful.
She is pretty.
She is cool.
She is smart.
She is nice.
She has pretty blonde hair.
She is creative.
She is a good friend.
She smiles all the time.
She is polite.
She is honest.
She has a nice laugh.
She is good at hula hooping and jumping rope.
She has hicups.
She is prepared.
And she is respectful.

I just loved these letters. Certain one's in particular stuck out as note worthy, and for Lilia's sake, I want to share them here so we have them recorded long after this booklet disappears.

From Drew:

She is smart. She is very very pretty. She was my partner for the dance. (They just did a first grade program where each class did dances. So cute!)

From Jillian:

She is nice to me. She is respectful for Miss S. I can't blef (believe) that she is so respectful.

From Michael (I mentioned him before as someone she likes in her class)

She is so smart. She's so fun to play with. She's so nice. She's so respectful. She's honest.

(this made Lilia smile and do a little dance. She is too funny!)

And prehaps the best in the bunch- from our neighbor Kyle:

She was my first friend I made when I moved here. She can be really funny. She is very pretty. She can be super nice.

I love how he said "can be" and not "is". Hahaha! It's totally true. These two are very good friends, and they also fight like an old married couple. I sure love my neighbors and their kids! Lacey does too-

*Funny side note* As I was reading these letters out loud I read one from one of Lil's classmates named Zach. (Kyle has a younger brother named Zach who happens to be Lacey's age). After reading the letter I read, "Love Zach" and Lacey yelled, "Zach!? I LOVE Zach!" So cute!

I am so proud of my adorable girls. They really are such good kids, and make my day to day life so much more fun.


Our Nield Family said...

What a beautiful testimony of a wonderful school memory! Way to go!!

Ben and Heidi said...

Sounds like some special things for your girls that is so cute

Laural Out Loud said...

I love it when schools do this! It's such a boost for the kids. Those letters will be something Lilia can look back on for years to come!