Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy List

I figure it's been a while since my last post, and since today is shaping up to be a good day, I wanna tell everyone why I am so happy! Lucky me, I ran across a blog that promotes just that! A HAPPY LIST! SO without further ado:


I am happy to see some significant change in the basement! I have painted the office down there and chosen fabric for the curtains. Now to just acquire a sewing machine to finish those curtains and all will be well! (pictures to come eventually...)

I am happy with my new couch! It's so perfect for us. And it looks nice. And it smells nice (gotta love leather).



I am happy with this weather. Nothing like some sunshine and a little rain. The temps have been cool, but not too cold.

I am happy to be mother to three adorable miscreants. They are so much fun!

I am happy with Lilia's report card. It was the 1st grade equivalent to straight A's.

I am happy to hear Lacey's prayers at night (where she prays to be "almost cute" and asks if she can "go to school every day" like her sister).

I am happy to see my little man, Matthew, healthy. And to see him fold his arms on demand. It's pretty cute. See?

Attempt #1...
Attempt #2 complete with bowed head.

I am happy to finally have the fabric for Matthew's blanket all ready to go! Now, to get me that much needed sewing machine...

I am SUPER happy that Joe and I have finally decided to become a TWO CAR family! After 10 years, it's about time.

I am happy to be married to such a marvelous and funny man. He really does make life that much better. :)

I am happy for beautiful things. Like the peacock at the zoo last week.

I am happy. Yup- that's all there is to it.