Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Post...

I am trying something a bit different this year. Instead of posting about all the goodies we got and gave this year, I am gonna post a little something more.

Something I learned this Christmas:
That spending money and a lot of gifts under the tree is not necessary to make your children happy. Due to our after-Christmas-trip, we didn't have a bunch to spend on gifts. We let the kids go to the dollar store and buy each other (and us parents) a gift each. Joe and I bought them a couple board games (it's about time we got our kids Chutes and Ladders and Candyland). And Santa brought them a few new movies... It was pretty sparse Christmas Morning, and I honestly don't think the kids noticed, or cared. It was surprisingly pleasant.

Something I will do again next Christmas:
Though it was all sorts of chaotic, it was so much fun (and very cute) taking the kids shopping for the first time at the dollar store! This was the first year I let the girls get each other gifts. I helped Matthew choose their gifts, and Grandma helped them buy gifts for me and Joe. It was pretty funny trying to keep Lacey from telling her sister what she was getting. I do love these little munchkins!

The Worst and Best parts of this Christmas:

Worst: Matthew burning his hand on Christmas Eve. Poor little man!

Best: Spending one night with Joe's Dad's family, the next night with his mom, and then the next with my mom. Family really does make the holidays wonderful!