Friday, December 31, 2010

10 years!

On December 27th Joe and I "Celebrated" our 10th Anniversary. I put that in quotes because technically, on the 27th, Joe and I drove all day, across multiple states with three children. It wasn't really what I would consider the most romantic and wonderful day of our marriage... But the reason for the trip was worth the drive. We decided that rather than spend our anniversary away from the kids, we would, instead, take them to Disneyland!

The drive out was actually quite smooth. Not much traffic, no problems with the kids, and a general air of excitement...

The plan was to spend Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th in Disneyland and CA Adventure. But due to our little man and his medical adventures (see the next post) as well as the weather, we ended up changing the plans a bit. We extended our stay an extra day, and spent Tuesday and THURSDAY in the park. Wednesday we recouped, took the girls to see Tangled, and took Matthew to the doctor.

Without further ado: The many MANY pictures...

It was too sunny to get them facing me, so I had them look up at Sleeping Beauty's castle.

I honestly think that the merry go round was Lacey's favorite ride on the whole trip... obviously not Matthews. (see the background)

This is as close as we got to the Dumbo ride. WAY too long of a line!

Joe and the girls stood in line at Pixie Hollow for 45 minutes to see... TERRANCE! He was the only fairy there. Not cool! But he did a good job, and the girls loved him.

After Joe had left to take Matthew to the doctor, I took the girls to Toon Town. They had so much fun playing and posing for pictures!

This was the beautiful tree outside Minnie's house.
This was so cute watching Lilia give Lacey a hug... even if the reason for the crying was Lil's fault...

Make a wish!

Inside Mickey's house

A little heavy lifting...

I wish Joe and Matthew had been in this picture.

Just a small sampling of the wicked crowds at Disneyland. Ca-RAZY!

After Toon Town, I took the girls into The Mad Hatter's hat shop and let them play with all the funny hats. Here are a few of the hats.

A nice lady offered to take our picture in the teacup.

Waiting in line at the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride.

Chillin' at the hotel on the Rainy Wednesday morning.

Thursday we started out on the Winnie the Pooh with Matthew and Lacey while Dad took Lil on Splash Mountain. Lacey loved it so much we went three times in a row!

Matthew wasn't impressed after the second time through...

While on Splash Mountain, Joe told her to duck so she wouldn't get wet... Lil ducked so low her head was resting on the seat and when they hit the bottom of the drop, she bumped her head and walked away with quite the goose egg!

We took the kids up through Tarzan's tree house. They thought it was cool.

The girls standing on the "L" at CaLifornia Adventure. They were soooo funny!

Not my most flattering picture, but the only one we got as a whole family...
We wore out those little ones... Lacey is barely awake, and Matthew is sound asleep... sitting up. :)
About 10 minutes later...

I tried FOREVER to get a good shot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle all lit up with Christmas lights... this is the best one. My nighttime setting on the camera requires a steady hand, and well... yeah- that's not my forte.
Due to my "familial tremor" (read: constant shaking) THIS is what the rest of the pictures looked like, so really- that one shot was PRETTY DARN GOOD!

Matthew on the train...

The girls checking out the lights at Small World from the train.

The drive home was pretty long. Our portable DVD player broke while at Disneyland, and we didn't have anything to occupy the kids attention for the 12 hour drive home (gotta love traffic and bad weather... that was a LONG drive).

I did get a good pic of the kids as we were starting out on the drive, though!

Gotta love Lacey's Sunglasses!

My grump in the back seat. I love her!


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Looks like you guys had a great time!

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Your kids are so cute!