Friday, October 22, 2010

Talent comes in MANY forms...

I read a blog a few days back that made me smile...

For those not in the mood to check out the link it was all about talents. Lemme sum up for ya! Everyone is blessed with talents. Some of these talents are musical (be it piano, vocal, or some other instrument). Some are physical (like sports). Others are blessed with talents for teaching, or learning, or speaking, etc.

Take my sweet husband for example. He is overly blessed (in my opinion). Not only is he a computer WHIZ. But he is smart. As in straight A's with no effort, smart. He can play almost any sport well (not golf- he sucks at golf). He can look at an item, de-construct it in his head, and know how to fix it (like garbage disposals and the likes). He is quite the handy man (he has framed our basement, laid all the electrical, and put up all the sheet rock with only a few hints and tips from professionals), and he can play a musical instrument! The man is AMAZING!

When asked about my talents I usually draw a blank. I don't necessarily feel like I am all that talented when it comes to music. I mean, I can sing, but not solo. I used to play an instrument, but not anymore. I have absolutely NO talent in sports. I guess I am marginally blessed in the area of learning. I have a pretty good memory, and did well in school without too much effort. But still- no common talent really stuck out for me. But here's the truth of it... no one said talents had to be so cut and dry? I have talents! For example:

1. I can pick things up with my toes. Now some don't see this as a talent. I beg to differ... ever have a fussy baby in your arms, you are on the phone trying to take a message and you drop the pen? TOTALLY easier to use your toes to get the pen than to bend over with the phone on your shoulder and a 20 pound child on your hip.

2. I can read in the car. I am the family entertainer because on long car trips I will pull out a book and read to the fam. (Ask me what book I am gonna read for our drive to Disneyland in December... go on, ask! It's fantastic!) I have this insane ability to not get car sick. I lose my voice before I lose my cookies! :) (And yet- a shaky camera scene in a movie makes me motion sick- go figure!)

3. I can wake up seconds before my children. This one is odd but I swear to it! I am RARELY woken up by my kids. I almost always find myself wide awake just a mere minute or so before they start getting up. When my kids are sick, it's nice to be alert when that first child makes a mad dash for the bathroom...

4. Along those same lines I have this insane ability to wake my kids from their naps by announcing publicly that they are still asleep. Yup- every time I comment to someone that my kids are all asleep, they slowly trickle from their beds all bleary eyed and confused... :) (Okay- maybe this one isn't a talent so much as a curse, but whatev!)

5. I make good chili. Just ask Joe. He says its better than his mom's... (shh- don't tell her!) It's the ONLY dish he says that about. And I will take claim to it! YAY! I make SOMETHING better than my awesome cook of a mother in law! :)

6. I can quote movie lines like nobody's business! Problem is, I don't always remember what movie it is I am quoting... That's when it's nice to have Joe around. He can usually supply me with the movie title. Unless it's Disney. Though I KNOW when I am quoting Disney...

7. I have this THING with numbers... I remember my first phone number. I remember my bank account from when I was 14 and opened my first account. Heck I remember all of my phone numbers. And most of my friends phone numbers from my childhood... If I do struggle with the number all I need is the first two or three digits and then it floods right back.

8. I make cute kids. Yup- takes a BUNCH of talent to create the cuteness that has come outta me in the form of three adorable children. Now if only I made cute, PERFECTLY-OBEDIENT-AND-WELL-BEHAVED-AT-ALL-TIMES kids... THAT would be a true talent!

9. I can pack the car for a camping trip. This is a killer skill when you have as little trunk space as I do. Seriously! I am proud of my puzzle piecing abilities!

How about you?! Feel free to post a blog with your awesome talents, I would LOVE to read it!


Amber said...

Can I just tell you that I have been thinking these same thoughts just on Wednesday & Thursday.
Some of my talents are:
Charity. I love doing it. I love the feeling I have while preparing it, doing it and after doing it. And, I am rather good at it too. :)
Cleaning my house.
Keeping track of money.
Accomplishing goals, I set for myself and my family.
Caring for others.
Finding the good in others and in life in general.
Listening and following the gospel principals.

Ahh... Now I feel even better about myself.
I think you are so great Pam. :) Thanks for this post today!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Hi Pam!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love reading yours, though I'm not very good about leaving comments! You should add that you are a good writer to your list of talents, which, by the way, are amazing. Numbers is not anywhere on my list of talents, and I really admire people who have a good memory!

Love this post, Pam! Hope you guys are having a good Christmas season . . . you should post some more pictures soon! :)