Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random Goodness (and maybe a touch of naughtiness)

Oh how I love my children! I love them when they are cute- when they are silly, when they are sleeping, and especially when they are naughty. Heaven knows they keep me busy!


Her latest favorite sayings:

"What the heck?!" Always used properly- if not a little too often. Last night she was reading a school book about silkworms and it mentioned that when silkworms become silk moths they don't eat, and eventually die (odd fact, but true) and she said, "They don't EAT?! What the HECK!?"

"That's LAME" Don't you just love all the wonderful sayings children bring home from school?

Lilia is loving 1st Grade. She is also a natural at gymnastics. She is kicking some royal booty in her gymnastics class! She loves her teacher and loves being in the same class as one of her best friends (Kyle). In gymnastics she says her favorite thing is the bars (the uneven bars) and the vault. Unfortunately she practices the vault flips at home on our couch... Not good. :S


Favorite sayings: "I nuh-no" (I don't know). Anytime I catch her doing something she probably ought not be doing I will ask, "What are you doing?" and she will look at me, ring her hands and say "I nuh-no..." with a very sad kind of lilt in her voice. It's pretty cute.

"Maffew" and "she" she is quick to call her baby brother a she. "Mom- Maffew is awake! She is awake!"

"kuh-zurt" as in my favorite kuh-zurt is ice cream. She doesn't get to eat kuh-zurt until her dinner is finished. She is too cute!

Lacey has lately gotten herself in all sorts of trouble due to her artistic tendencies. She was supposed to be taking a nap at my mothers house a few weeks ago. When Grandma went to check on her she found a tube of hydrocortizone cream spread across her carpet (finger painting) and Lace had taken a ball point pen to Grandma's newly painted dresser... we never did get all the ink off and now we have to sand and repaint the drawers. And then there is last night... She was supposed to be sleeping (again). And eventually she really did sleep... but when I went in to check on her and her sister, this is what I found.

And then I found MORE this morning in the daylight... though I think this is the work of the older sister... the letters are too neat to be the writing of a 3 year old. And besides, the equasion is not something Lacey would know how to put in order...

Ugh children... It's a good thing they are so darn cute!


Favorite sayings: "uh daa!" or "uh daa?" Like the other day when I was nursing him and he tooted. He stopped nursing, sat up said, "uh daa?" and then went back to eating... it was pretty cute!

I commented to someone the other day how I was amazed that Matthew had yet to fall asleep in odd places. I have many pictures of Lil and Lace asleep in high chairs and bouncers, but Matthew only ever sleeps in his crib. Sure enough, the next day he fell asleep in the bouncer, then the day after that he fell asleep in his high chair... I guess I spoke too soon!


It blows my mind that I can give Lacey a fruit roll up, or an ice cream and then put cheerios in front of Matthew and she will STILL ignore her treat to eat his cheerios.

Nectarines are likely the best fruit ever created and I wish I could live in a place that grew them year round... Anyone know of a place that does?

Joe and I are taking our kids to DISNEYLAND for our 10 year anniversary and I am SO EXCITED!

Lilia has an insane fear of automatic toilets. Seriously petrified.

When I read in a fantastically cool book about Disneyland that ALL the DL toilets are automatic (yes, there is actually a book so detailed about DL that it talks about their toilets) I told Lilia and she said, "What the HECK?! That is LAME!" and then pouted about it. I asked if we should cancel the trip and not go because the toilets were automatic and she actually seemed to WANT to do that! Ca-RAZY!

My son has this amazingly cute outfit on today and I can't stop looking at him and thinking that he has GOT to be the worlds cutest little boy ever. And I really do believe that. He is so stinkin' handsome. And he has such a cute little smile, and such a funny little crawl. I could watch him all day and not get tired of him.

Lilia was playing with her daddy's tennis racket last night and totally biffed Lacey in the FACE with it! Poor Lacey has this monster goose egg on her head now. It's bright blue. I took a picture.

My mom and my aunt got in trouble as children for playing with some blue eggs they found in their chicken coops as children. It still makes my grandpa mad to think about it.

Over the last 6 years or so, my cousins send my mom random blue eggs (like marble eggs or easter eggs) as a joke. I think I will give my mom or my aunt the picture of the blue goose egg on Lacey's head...

Lilia is such a smart kid. She is amazingly cool! Tonight she was rattling off all of our birthdays and whose birthday comes first in the year and whose is last, etc. Joe looked at her and said, "I am glad you know the dates, then I don't have to remember- I can ask you!" Lilia looked at Joe and said, "Dad- you aren't so smart!" (I seriously didn't expect to hear THAT until she was in high school!)


Nichelle said...

Haha Pam your children are awesome!!

Amber said...

SO SO funny Pam! I'm glad your writing all the fun things your kids say and do down!