Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

This year was a good one for me. Unlike last year, I KNEW what I was getting for Mothers Day from the get go. Why? Well- because I took my husband to Home Depot, walked him to the right department, pointed and said, "THAT had better be my Mothers Day gift!" And he took the hint! :) In fact, he took it one step further and said, "I like this one better (the upgraded model)." (To be fair, we were there to buy HIS early Fathers Day gift- tools for our basement, so I felt justified telling him exactly what would make me happy.)

And THIS is what he got me!

Now, my husband, whom I truly ADORE has some of the worst luck ever, as proven by his 30th Birthday Party, as well as our Wedding Flower stories (ask me about it sometime and I may have to tell ya about it!). And of course, this story is no different! The actual door Joe was wanting to get was THIS ONE. And when he got to the store he called me to double check the door size. I measured it and told him it was 36" X 80". He was glad he called because he had written down 30" X 80". Soooo- an hour or so later he came home, and began installing the door. He got to the point where he had the door ready to put in the door frame and as he lifted it into place he realized that the door was WAY TOO narrow! Even though he had gotten the correct measurements from me, the employee that got the door for us gave him a 32" X 80" door! So he spent 30 minutes taking apart the door he just put together, and drove the 20 minutes to Home Depot, traded in the door for the correct width, drove the 20 minutes home, pulled it out of the box and realized that though this one was the correct width it was the WRONG STYLE! But since the door he brought home was the original one I liked, we decided to keep it... bless his heart! He was NOT in the mood for a third 40 minute drive to get the right door!

Either way, I now have a storm door, and can talk to people at the front door without needing to worry about my dog escaping! AND I can leave the door open to get some air in the house this summer! YAY!

This morning, Matthew gave me a mothers day gift. Lately he has been fussing at around 3 am, he isn't waking up, just making enough noise to wake me up and put a pacifier in his mouth. TODAY- he didn't fuss or wake up until 5:30! What a good boy! And after I fed him, he went right back to sleep- as did I. Lacey sorta gave me a gift by waking up and laying quietly next to daddy so I could keep sleeping. Joe finally got up with her, and they let me sleep an extra two hours! Give or take the 2 minutes when Lil came in and LOUDLY announced that I could FINALLY have the Mothers Day gift she made in her Kindergarten class. It was super cute, but it had been sitting on our kitchen counter since Friday and she kept insisting it was NOT a gift, and that if it was a gift it WASN'T for me, and it WASN'T for Mothers Day... hehehe. I am so glad she is not good at lying. Long story short- I woke up at 5:30, fed Matt, went back to bed and slept til 8. I then woke up to hash browns and scrambled eggs w/ham for breakfast. What a great start to my day! I love my family!
Ever try getting three kids to look at you at the same time? Yeah- not easy... Oh, and Lacey had spilled water down her front and had just taken off her pajamas, but Matthew was in a good mood so I begged her to come take a picture quickly before Matthew got fussy. :) I love my cute kids!


Amber said...

Happy Mother's Day Pam! You are so lucky to have such a great family who love and adore you.

Sissy Jackson said...

Happy Mothers Day mother of 3! Love your door. You gatta love it the stuff that makes us happy!!!

Ben and Heidi said...

What an awesome mothers day present! I love my storm door too so I don't have to open up and talk to strange people at my door :)

Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Mother's Day Pam! The more people you get in a picture, the harder it is to get everyone looking good. Almost impossible with small children, I think.

I didn't know you had to have "toothpick surgery" in 7th grade! That's crazy. I was worried for a little while that I was going to have to take him in to urgent care or something because I just couldn't get it out! So I'm really grateful, especially hearing your story, that it didn't end up worse for my Hayden!