Wednesday, November 18, 2009

28 week shot and some ketchup...

Oh wait- I meant Catch Up... guess I'm hungry again. But then again, when am I NOT hungry these days?

Things are well with my little troupe. Mostly.

Lacey is sick, though I am pretty sure it's just a stomach bug- NOT the dreaded "Piggly Wiggly." If I could get her to eat something life would be good...

So first up, me- last week. From the neck down... 28 weeks:

Yup- I'm only getting bigger... gotta love it. :S

Second, I FINALLY decided to take our Halloween pumpkin to the garbage can this week. Poor guy was aging pretty rapidly. Needless to say, Jack doesn't age well. I can't show you a before picture, but I will show you what he originally looked like (It's the pattern we used):

and now?

yeah... OLD Jack.

Another funny for ya- Lacey got caught playing in the bathroom the other day. What, might you ask, was she doing in the bathroom? Brushing her teeth. With DAD'S TOOTHBRUSH!

see the remorse on her face?

the reason this is worthy of a picture is because of this:

That would be Lilia with Daddy's toothbrush when she was around 18 months. Awesome! And can I tell you how grateful I am that both times, they spared MY toothbrush? :)

Now- on to some Ism's


In the car the other evening, she was enthralled with all the cars driving toward us. She liked seeing all the different headlights coming toward us. But what intrigued her the most was the cars and trucks with an extra set of running lights. She kept giggling when she saw them. When I finally asked her what was so funny she said, "Look at that car, Mom. It has a car on top of it with it's lights on, too! That's just silly!"

Lilia really loves her daddy. Lot's. So much so, that she refuses to believe that Daddy may be exaggerating and/or flat out lying to her. Now, in Joe's defense, he hasn't ever been mean about it, just that he is a tease, and like every other adult in the world, uses common known phrases that kids don't quite understand. For example: She truly believes her daddy is 6 years old.Why? Because that's what he told her. Where as I told her my REAL age (my mistake- now she tells everyone who will listen). When we went to get the Swine Flu Vaccination last week she asked if Daddy was coming. I told her, "No, Daddy is too old. He doesn't fit the age requirement." She then looked completely startled and said, "But Daddy is 6! You are ___ and that is MUCH older than 6! If he is too old, you should be too!" I tried to tell her Daddy was teasing her and that he was really 3 years older than me, but after much thought she decided I was the liar and Daddy was telling her the truth. She then got really excited and said, "So does that mean next year I won't need the flu shot?!"

Another example. Same night as the car incident mentioned above, as we were driving to pick up Joe from work, she said, "Mom, did you know where I lived when I was zero like a baby?" I said, "Yeah, you lived in our old house in Layton." She responded, "No silly! I lived in the blue car with you and Daddy!" I was really puzzled until I told Joe and he laughed. Back when Lil was a baby we both worked and our daily commute was almost 2 hours 1 way and another 2 hours back. So Joe had told Lil that when she was a baby, because mommy worked too, that she lived in the car (because she spent 4 hours a day in the car)... No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't convince her that Daddy didn't REALLY mean that she lived in the car. Just that she spent a lot of time there. Gotta love it!


Yesterday I had to take a trip to city center to work out some snags with a business licence issue. While standing at the abnormally high counter (It came up to my chest) filling out the proper paperwork, Lacey pushed a chair up next to me, stood on it and peeked over the top (all that could be seen over her was her head). The lady behind the counter said, "Hi! What's your name?"To which Lacey replied, "Lacey" and then the lady asked, "How old are you?" And Lace- with a completely straight face held up an open hand and said, "I'm 5." Seems she learned that response from listening to her sister. Either that or my two-year-old is trying to grow up WAY too fast.

Yeah- that's all for now. Hope life is treating you well!


Brian and Erin Lewis said...

You've got some dang cute kids! I'm glad you are recording there cuteness on the blog for us to share.

Sissy Jackson said...

I LOVE your family pic on your blog these days. LOVE IT! Give Joe a pinch for me! One man in the middle of a Maxi Pad! Poor guy!

annie valentine said...

First off, you look way too cute to be having number three. Second off, a bunch of girls and I were talking to day about how baby #3 has ruined our lives. Hahahaha! Just kidding (not really).