Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dangling Participle...

IT'S A...

And if that first one isn't a good enough picture, this one is SURELY proof! That's NOT a finger!

My little muscle man!

Kinda looks a bit like the terminator doesn't it?

Waving goodbye!

Oh, and to better explain the title of this post- This last summer at a
family gathering my grandfather was talking about all the many
things people learn that become useless. As he was finishing up,
he said,
"I bet there isn't a single person here that can tell me what a
dangling participle is!"
I asked, "Well Grandpa, do YOU know whata dangling participle is?"
He said, "Not anymore..."
And I replied, "Well, I know! It's how they tell the difference between
baby boys and baby girls!"

Haven't seen Grandpa laugh that hard in a while... (Oh, and one of my
uncles really DID know what a dangling participle was... he's a school

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Rite of Passage

My girls are growing up. As with every other mom in the world, this thrills me to no end, and makes me a bit sad at the same time...

Yesterday Joe and I loaded the girls up to go "window shopping" at Ikea...

What? You don't believe me. Well- I don't blame you.

So, off to Ikea we go...

And home from Ikea we come- $420.00 later...

And this is what accompanied us!

In order for it to be put in place, some rearranging needed to be done... Bye Bye Crib and Toddler Bed!
Joe got to work on the construction...
Eventually it was finished...
And the girls couldn't be more thrilled!
They are now proud owners of an awesome new bunk bed! The bed itself was quite reasonably priced... it was adding mattresses, bedding, and water poof (read: pee and vomit proof) mattress protectors that got us up to such a great price tag!

Now, eventually, the blue will become pink, and then the bed will be PERFECT! In the meantime, I love that Lacey is only 4 inches off the floor, so if she rolls out, the fall will be quite a bit less painful than a regular twin bed!

(Sorry for the crappy pictures- I was tired. When the pink paint is done and the other quilt is finished I will take better pics...)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making up for lost time...

I know I didn't post a whole lot the last couple months, so of course, I am making up for it now by posting every day! YAY! :) And now- to catch up on some funnies and pictures...

On Lil's birthday Joe and I treated her to dinner at the restaurant of her choosing. Sorta- I asked what she wanted for her special birthday dinner and she said Spaghetti, so I chose Spaghetti Factory (which she was thrilled with, since they give you "free" dessert with every meal). When we got there the waitress asked her what she wanted to drink. She got a very serious thoughtful look on her face, looked the waitress straight in the eye and said, "Hmm... I think I could handle a sprite."

Yesterday I heard Lacey calling for me. She was saying- "Momma, I tuck (stuck)! Help... Momma!" I walk into the girls room and find this:

The other day, after school Lilia was throwing a major fit over something. Totally don't remember what now, but she was MAD. So, being the good mom I am (hehehe) I sent her to her room. She can come out when she is ready to act like a big girl. She sat on her bed and literally SCREAMED at me for about 3 minutes, and then... silence... I went to check on her and found this:
It seems kindergarten is wearing her out. She comes home so tired that she is nearly impossible to handle! Looks like she needed a late afternoon nap!

Yesterday at school was "Crazy Hair Day." So I got Lil's hair wet, sprayed it down with hairspray, flipped her head upside down and blew it dry. Funny- it turned out looking super cute, and not too crazy! I may have to do this again, but add a hair clip or headband to keep it a little more tame...

Lacey is well known for moving all over in bed. She will never fall asleep and stay put. Sure enough, this is what I found when I looked in on her the other day. Sound asleep with her feet propped up. Cute kid!

I know I posted her video last month some time about her cherry eating antics, but here is a picture of what Lacey looks like after eating cherries for half an hour!

And finally, blackmail for Lacey and future boy friends. That's the dog's water dish Lacey has her face in. Notice the dog looking on... hahaha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Big!

Lilia turned 5 yesterday. I am so amazed by her. She is such a fantastic child. Smart, cute, talented, and funny...
She loves her family, and we love her back! Last night Lacey cried because I wouldn't let Lilia kiss her goodnight (Lace was sick and I didn't want Lil getting it).

She is loving Kindergarten. I volunteered in her class yesterday, and brought along a treat for the kids. It was so great to see Lil interacting with her class. She has found herself a little friend named Sage (though she isn't so little- she is a whole head taller than Lil). The two of them were holding hands and giggling together during playtime.
She did her first bit of homework this morning, and was upset that all she had to do was count to 20 and write her name 3 times. She wanted to do more!

She is so smart! Anyone who has spent time with her can see that she is very intelligent. Anyone who deals with her often won't be surprised to know that she has been out thinking Joe and I for 2 years now. And I couldn't be more proud!
There isn't a doubt in my mind that Lilia will go places with her life. She will be what she wants to be, she will do what she wants to do, and NOTHING will keep her from her goals.
Now as a mom, my job is to help her set goals worthy of her efforts... wish me luck! She is a very headstrong child, and I love that about her.

She is beautiful! She has her daddy's eyes, her momma's hair (sorry kiddo!) and a smile all her own. I love her cute little nose, and pink shaded cheeks... She has already had her first kiss (So cute!) and there will be plenty more, no doubt (SIGH).

I love her to pieces. I swore I wouldn't cry when she started school, and am not surprised to be able to say I didn't cry- I was so EXCITED for her! But I Did sniffle a bit when she got a fathers blessing... The only thing that makes me love her more, is seeing her laughing and playing with her daddy and little sister.

Together the three of them make my life absolutely wonderful. Happy Birthday Lilia! I LOVE YOU!