Thursday, August 27, 2009


And so it begins... Lilia started school today. She was thrilled, anxious, scared, and excited all at once. She has an afternoon class, so she is gone from 12:30-3:30. So of course she was wide awake at 7 ready to go. She was NOT thrilled when I made her put on play clothes and not her new clothes, and was even LESS thrilled when I told her we were gonna go run some errands first. With every stop (we made 5), she told me, "Mom- you are making me late to kindergarten!" But she needn't have worried- we got home with an hour to spare!

So- on to the pictures!

Lil's first homework assignment

Two of the neighbor kids that walked with us to school... aren't they cute!?

Lacey wanted her picture taken too!

And off we go!


Morgan said...

How exciting!!!

Gracey doesn't start until next year but I know she can't wait. Every time we drive past the elementary, she says "That's my kindergarten school!"

Ben and Heidi said...

So cute! Lilia sure seemed to just be so excited to start her new adventures at Kindergarten :)