Friday, June 26, 2009


Today seems like a great day for randomness. I mean, it's been such random weather, my mood has been all sorts of random lately, and to top it all off, I just kinda feel like it's time to ramble a bit and empty out my brain a bit...

- I am tired.

- I find myself still having a hard time getting out of my comfy warm bed in the mornings! That is SO WRONG! Why is it that I still bundle up on the couch at night with an afgan? It's JUNE! Almost JULY! It shouldn't be cold! I should be wearing shorts and sprawled on the couch with the AC and fan on full blast!

- Dinner tonight is gonna be SO YUMMY! I am making shredded sweet pork, with baby carrots, rice, and homemade bread for dinner.

- I ate Ramen noodles for lunch, and they tasted GOOOOD! Why? I dunno. But they did.

- Tomorrow I am taking dinner to a neighbor of mine. Unfortunately, I won't be eating any of the meal I take her- since I have a family party to go to, but I am serving her one of my all time favorites. Italian Au Jus Sandwhiches with home made buns. YUMMY! And what doesn't smell better than fresh bread baking in the oven? (Which is exactly where they are right now... Here's to hoping they last til tomorrow, I may eat them all before then! YUM!)

- My house is a wreck, and I really don't feel like cleaning. I think I need a housewife. You know, someone who will clean and cook so I can focus on being a mom and playing with my kids and sleeping...

- I am tired of waiting on the holdup for my business... UGH! But you do what ya gotta...

- Lilia informed me yesterday that Lacey is annoying and she wants to get rid of her and trade her in for a boy.

- Lacey was growling (very loudly) when Lil told me the above.

- My kids make me laugh.

- Joe makes me laugh too. He is awesome.

- Lacey's language has been growing by leaps and bounds. I have to share this video with you cause it is really funny. She has her own special technique to eating cherries... I got her to showcase some of her latest words in the video too. Enjoy!

- Lilia is going through a secret telling phase. It's been all sorts of fun to hear her secrets. Mostly just confessions of love for all sorts of things. But occassionally she has a real doozy of a secret. For example, she came up to me yesterday and said, "Mom, I have a secret for you." Then she leaned in close and said, "I have to go potty cause my tummy is upset." She then broke wind, and giggled as she ran off to the bathroom. The little stinker! (Quite literally)

- I have to share one other picture with you. Ironically it is seriously the ONLY picture I took while on vacation last week. But it was funny to me.

(Notice the lock? hehehe)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Brian and Erin Lewis said...

Oh my gosh! You crack me up. I love the randomness.

Ben and Heidi said...

I must have somehow missed this post! To answer your question about where the girls pictures were done they were done at an antique store in American fork called Star Mill