Monday, April 13, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Lilia is getting so smart these days! I am truly enjoying my conversations with her! She definitely keeps me on my toes. Take Saturday night for example:

Me: Lil, you need to go to sleep so the Easter Bunny will come.

Lil: The WHAT?

Me: The Easter Bunny! He brings you your Easter Basket.

Lil: Mom- the Easter Bunny is a fairytale.

(I just walked away shaking my head…I am one of those parents who refuses to spend all night convincing her the EB is real just so I can turn around in a few years and admit I lied to her...)

Easter morning-

(Lil walks into the kitchen and is at first, perturbed at her sister for making noise, until she notices her basket…)

Lil: WOW! I guess I was wrong, the Easter Bunny is NOT a fairytale!

Joe: (chuckling) hmm, 4 years old and already able to do something mom can’t.

Me: huh?

Joe: admit she was wrong! (Laughs harder)

Me: jerk…

(I love you Joe!)

Another funny from earlier today that had me laughing:

(I called Joe from my cell phone while I was out of the house to get an address off the internet for me. The conversation went as follows)

Me: Hiya babe. Do me a favor would ya? Could you look up the address to the Food Bank. I forgot to write it down.

Joe: Maybe- what will you give me for it?

Me: Um... Love? (as in my love and gratitude... not "love" SHEESH!)

About an hour later:

Lil: Mom! Give me that!

Me: What?

Lil: That thing in your hair (it was her hair bow- I found it on the floor of the car and had put it in my hair to remind me to take it inside the house)

Me: No way, man! I am wearing it!

Lil: Come on, mom. You have to share! If you share that with me, I will share something with you.

Me: Really? What will you share with me?

Lil: Um... Love?

Like mother like daughter, I guess!

Now as a disclaimer or two...

1. Joe is a tease. I realize after writing both of these that Joe sounds like a total jerk, but he isn't. He

just likes teasing me. And though it took me almost 8 years, I am finally okay with his teasing. Most of the time...

2. I am a tease too. I had every intention of giving Lil her hair bow. I was just waiting for her to ask nicely. Which did eventually happen. And I got me a good "love" from her in return! In the form of a kiss on the cheek.

I will be back tomorrow to share my tie died easter eggs with you! :)


Ben and Heidi said...

These are all great thanks for sharing! And anyone who knows Joes knows he is not a jerk so no worries!