Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day in the life of Lacey

Lacey is in a *wonderful* stage right now. I actually find it kind of funny. If it didn't require so much clean-up I would find it even more funny.

Lacey just LOVES to change clothes. We never had this problem with Lil. Most likely because her dresser at this age was OLD with warped drawers that weren't easy to open... Lacey's outfit changes are frequent and colorful. The part that makes it even better is that she is wearing LILIA'S clothes. Her's are out of reach in the top drawers...

The point of this blog is to show off a little bit of cuteness, and a whole lot of trouble making. Please join me on a journey through Lil's drawers, and the many functions her clothes serve to Lacey!

Good morning! This is my first outfit! I really am a ham first thing in the morning...

I only wanted to try it on, really. Not 10 minutes later I traded in the original outfit for this smashing number. The shirt fits much better around my waist. I don't know WHY mom insists on buying clothes that are too big for me...

Then I found this striking electric blue shirt and just KNEW if would make the color of my eyes *POP*! Wearing the shirt right side in and frontwards takes away from the blue of the shirt. I prefer it this way. Don't you like it? I do- though I am sick of mom taking my pictures.

Mom made me put this outfit on. I had to go run errands for a couple hours. How BORING!
As soon as we got home from those errands (before Lilia could even take her coat off) I changed shirts... It's the same shirt design, just a much more feminine color, and much more roomy...
Mom made me run more errands in that last outfit. Ugh! I just wanna be home and redressing! Speaking of, I am especially proud of this next outfit. I like it so much I actually chose to wear the clothes as they were meant to be worn! Don't I look cute?! (Pay no attention to the clothes I discarded on the floor next to me)

This outfit is much more trendy. Well, okay- it will EVENTUALLY be trendy! I am such a trend setter. Trust me. All the kids will be wearing shirts like this in the future!

Now, I know this looks like the same outfit, but trust me it's not... that last shirt was short sleeved- THIS one was long sleeved. I was cold... (not like the sleeves did a whole lot of good)- now, where's my snack?
Once I was bored with this outfit, I changed into something much more fitting for me. A dress! Mom swears it's a shirt, but I tell ya, it is MUCH to large for me to wear as a shirt.
wanna see the back? Not sure why they put a flower back there, but I am not a designer, what do I know?

I had a hard time with this next shirt... (Mom says you can click on the image to see it bigger)

I finally gave up on that darn shirt... and moved on to this thingy. Mom says it's a leotard. I say it's just retarded. How am I supposed to fit my head through these holes? And why are there two of them? I only have one head!
This outfit was donned for my appearance at dinner. I decided to go with light tones. Good for spaghetti.
And finally- bedtime. Mom couldn't find matching pajamas cause I had thrown clothes EVERYWHERE. So here I am in all my mismatched glory. Mom really ought to study my previous outfits for some fashion sense and instruction...
Hope you all have a good night!

(Mom's note: This was a mild day. Me and the girls were out of the house for about 4 hours running errands. Talk about lost opportunity for clothing changes!)


Heather and Billy said...

Funny post. Some messes are b etter than others. I just found another wall with nail polish as I was typing this. Lacey is getting so big. I can hardly believe it!

Ben and Heidi said...

That is funny. I can't believe she really changes clothes this much in 1 day!