Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday (Extended Edition- A day late)

With Thanksgiving approaching, what better time than now is there for a post on all the little things that make me thankful. I have spent a good deal of free time the last couple days reading THIS BLOG. It is so inspiring and makes me so much more appreciative for what I have been blessed with. SO- on with the show.

This year, I am thankful for:
(These all rank the same in importance)

*Joe. He works so hard for our family, and he sacrifices so much free time to make our lives comfortable. He loves his girls, and we love him too! He is so good to me, and even when he doesn't understand me, he tries to, and I appreciate it.

*Lilia. She is so smart, and so funny, and such a character! She is a quick learner, with incredible wit, and to top all of that off, she is absolutely beautiful. She makes me so proud. She has an incredible sense of loyalty. She loves her family, especially her little sister.

*Lacey. She is such a cute and charming baby. She has a great personality, with the most intense blue eyes, and knowing smile. When she sets her mind to something, she doesn't rest until it is accomplished. She has the most insane love of climbing (except stairs- she doesn't like them). She is sassy, smart, funny, and absolutely adorable.

*My family. They bring me plenty of laughs as well as support and love.

*Joe's family. They have made me feel welcome, and part of the family from day 1.

*The Savior's sacrifice for me. I am not perfect. I don't claim to be. I try. And I will keep trying. But to know that all that is asked of me is my best- that is such a relief.

*The gospel. The joy I feel from living the Gospel Plan. And from being a part of something so honest and true- even if the members aren't perfect- the Gospel is.

(and the rest- in no particular order)
*My house.

*Financial security.

*Lilia's preschool.

*My ward cookbook.

*Kung Fu Panda.

*My temple marriage. Because being without Joe would be like being without breath. I need him, and want him with me forever.

*Smiles and giggles during the girls bathtime.

*The ability to laugh at some of the things my kids do, and then to clean up after their shinanigans.

*Lilia during her nap.

*Lacey playing with her babydolls.

*My health.

*Joe's minor midlife crisis last year (which lead to both of us getting our diets and heathy habits in order).

*The dog not running away in almost a month (gotta find some way to be thankful for the dog)

*The medicine clearing up Lacey's facial rash...

*Lilia's new found love for full length Disney movies (bye bye Barney and Dora!)

*Laceys toothy grin.

*Lilia's love of reading. She is so smart!

*Joe's height. (I know, this one sounds silly, but truth is, I love that he is only slightly taller than I am. When we got to bed at night we fit together like Legos. He is super comfy and just the right size for me to cuddle with.)

*Cute shoes.

*Music. Especially inspirational music. Those songs that always make you smile, or maybe cry, or just feel peace.

*My temple marriage. Did I already say this? :) Because it means being with my girls in heaven. It is like an insurance I have taken out on my family. If anything happens to them, or me, I will be with them again.

*My parent's temple marriage.

*My grandparent's temple marriage... (I am sure you can see where I am going with this...)

*Insurance. All kinds- Life, Health, Car, Homeowners...

*Thanksgiving. My favorite time of the year. If I could choose one holiday to call my own, to repeat often, to replace all others, Thanksgiving would be mine. The smells and tastes, the family and friends. It is wonderful.

*Friends. The real ones. The ones who stood by me years ago, the ones who have seen me at my lowest points and have been there to help me stand. The new ones I am making who like me for who I am.

*One friend in particular... Ju- you are awesome. And amazing. And you make me laugh. Hey- wanna come over for dinner the day after Thanksgiving? I am thinking of T-Day 2... whadda ya think? (Steven, you can come too- bring Kevin)

*Lilia's smile

*Lacey's eyes

*My girl's independence
(Lil making herself some chocolate milk)

(Lacey helping herself to some homemade bread- yes that is a really large and really sharp knife... Good thing I was holding my camera when I saw her- I caught this picture as I was walking to the table!)

*Family portraits

Most especially, I am just extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a wife, and a mom.

(I may come back and add to this list as I think of more to be thankful for. Stay tuned!)


Joshua, Lori, and Mikey. said...

Joshua is only an inch taller than I am, so I totally understand how you feel about that. :)

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Wonderful list, Pam! :)

Diane Conn said...

you only forgot one thing.

"*Diane, the most awesomest, wonderfulest, most goodest counsin in the whole wide world. She's pretty, she's nice, she smells good and she takes good pictures of my cute kids."

See, now you just have to copy and paste.