Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween (a bit late)

I never did give a Halloween rundown, so here you go!

The day before Halloween, I finally decided it would be wise to carve our pumpkins. So Lil helped me choose the patterns... Lacey watched some Backyardigans on TV, and I set to work poking the holes in the pumpkins to transfer the patterns. Once the hole poking was done, Lil got to help me removed the carved sections of pumpkin. I would cut out a piece and she would poke it into the center of the pumpkin, reach in, remove it and giggle at the grossness of it all.

What a great helper she was :)

I didn't get any pictures of us actually CARVING because Joe wasn't home, and I wasn't touching the camera while my hands were all gooky... BUT- I do have a before and after of one of the pumpkins and a before (no after) of the other...

After that, while I was positioning our newest porch decorations, Lacey stripped down to her diaper (and a sticker on her forehead), and came outside to keep me and our pumpkins company. CA-RAZY that she can do that in late OCTOBER! Usually there is snow on the ground by Halloween!

The next night I scrambled to find all the pieces of both the girls costumes (never did find the red hair spray for Lil's costume! Grrr), then proceeded to get them ready for trick or treating. The girls had all kinds of fun. Dad stayed home to pass out candy, while I took the girls around the neighborhood. About half way through I brought Lacey back since she was getting grumpy. All in all I think Lil walked a good 2 miles that night. Funny how the kid who is "too tired" to walk the half a block to preschool is not too tired to walk half the city for candy!

My little Geisha Girl

(Let this be a warning to all of you who have babies... Never, never, EVER paint your 1-year-old's face! And even MORE important- DON'T HAIRSPRAY their hair a different color! I had black hairspray on my walls, couch, carpet, chairs... and the white "no smudge" face paint? Hah!)

My little Mermaid

(She chose to wear her pink crocs instead of her blue and green shoes... such is life, I guess... She wanted makeup too, so I ended up adding sparkles to her face and red lipstick. I think there are STILL some rogue sparkles on her, and she has been bathed plenty since Halloween!)


Mamasphere said...

I didn't carve any pumpkins this year. Gabi got a little baby one and drew on it and was perfectly happy with that, so I didn't mention that there was more she could do, lol. I HATE the guts. Too slimy. I wish, though, that I could get over it so I could do pumpkins like yours!

And the kids look great! At first I didn't see the shirt under the mermaid costume and thought she was rather brave to go out into the cold like that, lol.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Kids are fun, aren't they? lol Yours are very cute, love the costumes!

Ben and Heidi said...

Very Cute!