Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ah, the ditz that I am...

Alrighty- so there is something to be said for my ditzy-ness, and yesterday I topped myself.

Back story: Our sink has been leaking for about 2 weeks now, and the oh so amazing Joe has been too busy to fix it. UNTIL this weekend.

Joe woke up Saturday morning and disassembled our garbage disposal to find the source of the leak. Easy enough- we had a bad gasket. So we leave the disposal unassembled, and head out for our typical grocery shopping once the girls were awake and dressed. We stopped at Lowes on our way home and spent a good hour there looking for a gasket for the garbage disposal. Seriously- we looked FOREVER for this stupid gasket. We finally found it and were on our way home. By now it was approaching lunch time. We stopped at a favorite lunch time drive thru for some food, but Lil insisted she didn't want any- she wanted Mac and cheese at home. So whatever- I will make her some when we get home. Its easy mac, takes all of about 5 minutes to make. Yeah.

So we get home, and while Joe is putting the groceries away I start the easy mac... I dump the noodles in the bowl, get a measuring cup for the water and turn on the sink. Then I notice the sink has a stopper in it, and I think, "funny- I wonder who put that there" and I REMOVE IT. As you may have already guessed, this caused a whole lot of water to run through the garbage disposal and right out into our cupboard under the sink and all over the floor of the kitchen (and my feet). CRAPITY! I then spend the next 10 minutes completely emptying all the stuff from under our sink and drying up all the water on my kitchen floor and cabinet. When I finished I took the wet towels to the laundry, and took the mop outside to wring it out, and put everything back under the sink. I get that done and UGH! My hands are super dirty and totally gross. So what do I do? I turn on the kitchen sink to wash my hands... bet you can't guess what happened...

I can be such a DIP!

A picture of Joe as a baby... Very similar facial expression to the one he gave me when I got the kitchen all wet. AGAIN.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 Things...

I saw this idea on a friends blog, and of course, had to do it myself...

10 things about me that you may not already know:

1. I have this truly insane fear of being alone (on every level). I feel more safe with my two young kids at home with me, than I do alone. I know- that makes no sense, but thats me! I am also really afraid that Joe will die first. So. Not. Cool. He is not allowed to die first.

2. I hate cleaning (See last post). I clean because I like how a clean house feels, and I like the spirit in my home when the place is clean, but I do not enjoy the work in any way what-so-ever.

3. I talk with my hands. If you ever want me to shut up (which I am sure is often!), just bind my hands. I start stammering and can't think straight with them being forced to hold still. I know- I am so weird!

4. I have had Post Pardom Depression with both my kids (and still have it). BUT- unless you know me well you would never know it. I have such a peppy personality, usually, that when I am depressed, to most people I would just seem normal!

5. I am allergic to metal. Almost all metal almost anywhere. I have pierced ears and can't wear earrings cause it causes infections within a couple hours. I get a major rash every time I shave my legs, and necklaces and watches leave rashes too. No matter the quality of the metal, if it touches my skin I will get a rash. With one exception. 14 karat gold or higher quality metals are okay on my fingers, as long as the ring is not tight. If the ring fits properly, it will leave a rash too. I even used to get a rash from belt buckles and the back of the button on my jeans...

6. I was born and raised in California. And I don't know how to surf, have been on only enough boats to count on one hand, and I HATE swimming. Whats more- I can't tan worth a darn! I go from white to red than back again...

7. I talk a lot. I know it. You probably know it too, but did you know that I am SUPER self conscious about it? I hate that I talk so much. And I wish I could catch myself doing it and shut myself up, but I don't seem to realize it until its too late.

8. I am way close with my family. Not just my siblings, but my cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I can honestly name almost all of my second cousins as well as my first cousins once removed, and I frequently eat lunch with my first cousin twice removed(that would mean her grandparents are my great great grandparents...), and her mother (my great grandfather's sister)!

9. I like painting. I think about the time I am done painting all the rooms in my house, I may just start over and work my way back through the house!

10. I have had two warrants out for my arrest in two states at the same time. I also got pulled over once in California and was given three tickets. Yet I have never been in jail and have a perfect driving record. If you REALLY wanna know more, leave me a message and I will blog about it soon... its late and I wanna go to bed! Night all!

A picture of me any my sisters WAY back in the day... I am the little bossy one...

Spring Fever?

Well, I must be sick. It's decided. I am definitely not in my right mind. " Why?"
You ask? Well, because! I spent all of yesterday deep cleaning my house. I mean literally ALL DAY. And do you know how far I got? Through the kitchen. Yup- just the kitchen. I reorganized my kitchen cabinets, I cleaned the cabinet doors, I went through almost a whole container of Chlorox Disinfectant Wipes. I cleaned the walls, the doors, the oven, microwave, and dishwasher inside and out... I hand scrubbed the floor, but even more intensely, I scrubbed down the baseboards, and I am not just talking around the perimeter of the room, I got down and scrubbed off the baseboards under the cabinets... ewww. I really ought to do that more often. The reason this proves I am sick is that I HATE cleaning. I really do. I try my hardest to keep the floors, counters and other surfaces pretty clean and "baby safe" ( meaning clutter free, wiped down, vacuumed, swept, mopped, etc.) but in general I let Joe do most of the deep cleaning.

Today's to do? All the Laundry and both the bathrooms. Luckily my front room doesn't need cleaning because I had the carpets cleaned late last week which forced me to deep clean that room already. So yeah- bathrooms, bedrooms and the never ending stacks of laundry. I think I caught that pesky spring cleaning bug... Oh how I hate being sick! :S

Me as a baby- Proof that Lacey is my kid- see the resemblance???

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stubborn is a good word for her! Independant is another good one...

Pam's version:
So last night was our Relief Society Birthday Party. I am on the Enrichment committee, so I helped plan, and decorate for it (amongst other things). Joe was running a bit late getting home last night, so I ended up taking both the girls with me to set up for the party. About 10 minutes after we got to the church Joe showed up to take Lil and Lacey home. It was about 5:45 or so.

Skip forward to the beginning of the party, at 6:30. A neighbor of mine (and Lil's preschool teacher), Tausha, showed up at the party and said, "I saw Lilia walking outside." I respond, "Oh, with Joe?" She said, "No. Just Lil." To which I respond, "Oh! Where was she?" "Across from the church trying to cross the street." I was like, WHAT!?! She then proceeded to tell me how she asked Lil if her mommy knew where she was. Lil's response? "I'm going to see mommy at the turch (that is how she pronounces church)" Tausha then asked, "Did you tell Daddy where you were going?" Lil hesitated to answer so Tausha asked, "Did you forget to tell Daddy?" And Lil replied "yeah..." So Tausha walked her the two blocks home.

Joe's version:
He gets to the church at 5:45 to pick up the kids and Lil doesn't want to leave. She says she wants to stay with momma. So to try and convince Lil that she doesn't want to stay Joe says (very sarcastically) "But you can't stay with momma, this party is for OOOOOLLLLLDDDD Ladies!"
Lilia: "I'm a lady too!"
Joe: "But you aren't an OLD lady you are a YOUNG lady..."
Lil: "No, I am old!"
Joe: "Nope- you are young, you don't want to stay with all the OLD ladies..."

This continues all the way home. Joe finally sits her down to watch a TV show while he finishes giving the dog her summer haircut (something I had started earlier that day). About half an hour later Lil's show ends and he goes to check on her. She isn't in the front room. She isn't in the kitchen. Or her bedroom. Or the garage. She isn't home. The little booger was probably headed toward the church. So he heads for the front door and opens it to find Lil and Tausha approaching the porch. Tausha said, "I asked if she asked Daddy if she could walk to the church." And Lil said, "AND YOU SAID YES, HUH DADDY?"

Poor Joe. I don't blame him. She usually sits quite content in front of the TV for half an hour. She is a very determined kid though. Just the other day she decided she was done playing at the park, and without telling me, she went back inside. I was totally freaking out looking for her in the neighborhood, and I ran inside to call Joe and there was Lil, watching the TV (Which she turned on herself). We had a nice little talk about telling Mom every time we want to go somewhere...

The perfect example of Lil's independence. I accidentally fell asleep a few months ago, and while I was snoozing Lil started a bath for herself. I woke up just in time to stop the water before it ran over the edge!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Lil was very proud of her work of art. Lace was glad to have some of her sisters attention!

The perfect picture of Lacey's favorite way to hold the pacifier...

Lil was trying to do pushups like daddy, so she took her shirt off and this is her proper pushup stance...

Easter dresses. Identical, in different colors...

More of the same, just some darn cute kids being, well... darn cute!


Lil was blowing bubbles on her sisters face. When asked why she was sitting on Lacey she very matter-of-factly said, "So she can't crawl away!"