Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stubborn is a good word for her! Independant is another good one...

Pam's version:
So last night was our Relief Society Birthday Party. I am on the Enrichment committee, so I helped plan, and decorate for it (amongst other things). Joe was running a bit late getting home last night, so I ended up taking both the girls with me to set up for the party. About 10 minutes after we got to the church Joe showed up to take Lil and Lacey home. It was about 5:45 or so.

Skip forward to the beginning of the party, at 6:30. A neighbor of mine (and Lil's preschool teacher), Tausha, showed up at the party and said, "I saw Lilia walking outside." I respond, "Oh, with Joe?" She said, "No. Just Lil." To which I respond, "Oh! Where was she?" "Across from the church trying to cross the street." I was like, WHAT!?! She then proceeded to tell me how she asked Lil if her mommy knew where she was. Lil's response? "I'm going to see mommy at the turch (that is how she pronounces church)" Tausha then asked, "Did you tell Daddy where you were going?" Lil hesitated to answer so Tausha asked, "Did you forget to tell Daddy?" And Lil replied "yeah..." So Tausha walked her the two blocks home.

Joe's version:
He gets to the church at 5:45 to pick up the kids and Lil doesn't want to leave. She says she wants to stay with momma. So to try and convince Lil that she doesn't want to stay Joe says (very sarcastically) "But you can't stay with momma, this party is for OOOOOLLLLLDDDD Ladies!"
Lilia: "I'm a lady too!"
Joe: "But you aren't an OLD lady you are a YOUNG lady..."
Lil: "No, I am old!"
Joe: "Nope- you are young, you don't want to stay with all the OLD ladies..."

This continues all the way home. Joe finally sits her down to watch a TV show while he finishes giving the dog her summer haircut (something I had started earlier that day). About half an hour later Lil's show ends and he goes to check on her. She isn't in the front room. She isn't in the kitchen. Or her bedroom. Or the garage. She isn't home. The little booger was probably headed toward the church. So he heads for the front door and opens it to find Lil and Tausha approaching the porch. Tausha said, "I asked if she asked Daddy if she could walk to the church." And Lil said, "AND YOU SAID YES, HUH DADDY?"

Poor Joe. I don't blame him. She usually sits quite content in front of the TV for half an hour. She is a very determined kid though. Just the other day she decided she was done playing at the park, and without telling me, she went back inside. I was totally freaking out looking for her in the neighborhood, and I ran inside to call Joe and there was Lil, watching the TV (Which she turned on herself). We had a nice little talk about telling Mom every time we want to go somewhere...

The perfect example of Lil's independence. I accidentally fell asleep a few months ago, and while I was snoozing Lil started a bath for herself. I woke up just in time to stop the water before it ran over the edge!


The Goodmans said...

Hey Pam it's Heidi Goodman. this story had me laughing out loud and then the picture of her in the bath tub that is just priceless. You need to comment me with your email so I can invite you to view my blog

The Goodmans said...

Sorry I just realized you had left your email with me. Thanks!

KC & Nik said...

hey Pam - sounds like your Lilia is alot like my've got plenty more 'acts of independence' coming your way!!!!
My kids love your little Lacey - she smiles so big for them, sitting behind you at church!!

Heather + Billy + some= more said...

I am scared for you with that girl. Always have been. At least you know she has a good imagination that will serve her well in the future. I love the new page btw.