Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Amazing Works of Matthew!

So, I have this adorable son...  and I love him very much.  He knows his numbers (he recognizes all single digit numbers, he can count to 14, and can count by tens to 100).  He knows some letters (maybe 6 of them or so) and can sing the alphabet.  But his latest accomplishment is drawing.  He has mastered the circle.  And the straight line.  And the not so straight line.  So I figure I would share with you his latest accomplishments...  **NOTE TO READERS: THESE ARE ALL FROM THE SAME DAY**

Beautiful, I tell ya.  At two and a half he is the next Picasso!

Here is a beautiful example of his amazing work.  Look at the detail!  My staircase has never looked better...

Good thing we are painting the staircase any day now...

Though to cover up his beautiful artistic talents with paint seems a travesty.

 But wait! It's okay... we have more of his works memorialized in the newly finished basement!  We call this one "Parent's reaction."  It was made with ball point pen.  It's not going anywhere...

 And in case his sisters feel left out, he personalized their bedroom walls too!

What a thoughtful and caring boy he is... I know Lacey and Lilia appreciate his work. 

It seems here he was just trying to match the rest of the house.  You see, I have painted most of the doors in my house a nice brick red.  This one hasn't been painted yet, so Matthew feels the need to help me out.

We call this piece "Turmoil"  and it can be found on my bathroom wall in a brilliant shade of "permanent marker purple".  No amount of anything will get this one off... believe me, I have tried...

More swirly curly art work from my masterful son...

Just when I thought I found all his art work a few more popped out at me.  This one has been dubbed "ghouly ghosty" by my eldest child...

 Such great shading and use of a crayon.  It's amazing, I tell ya.

 Oh look! He has even adorned my new floors!  What talent!

 His use of color in this one is striking.  (No worries- no striking has happened yet... though it is tempting)

 In case I am in need of portable art work he adorned the bottom of the laundry basket.

And made his signature "mickey mouse" on the inside of the same basket.  He LOVES Mickey, and I must admit, I am seriously impressed by this one.

He even found it in his heart to decorate the bottom of the ping pong table.  

Here he is, the artist himself!  With is "nigh - night" wrapped around him like a scarf he just oozes creativity.
I tell ya, it's a good thing he is cute.  It may be what keeps him alive.