Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back to School... and a bit of slacking.

My girls started school about a month ago.  Lilia's first day of 3rd grade, and Lacey's first day of Kindergarten.  And I did take pictures.  Not great ones, but well, they are what they are.

Lilia and Lacey chose their outfits this year (a first for mom... she usually does the back to school shopping herself.  Lilia loved her outfit til she put it on at home.  Then decided she didn't like it so much.  Mean mom made her wear it anyway.  I think she is cute no matter what.


A week after Lil's first day of school was Lacey's first day.  And she was very excited.

Jury is still out as to whether school is fun or not for Lacey.  Lilia is finally finding school to be difficult and not always fun, but she does still like it (most days).  Mom isn't thrilled with school times.  Lil is on A track and Lacey is on B track.  Which means, Lil goes to school from 7:55am to 2:15pm, and Lacey goes from 9:10am to 12:08 pm. That would mean 4 drop off and pick up times.  The reason being, Lil's gymnastics practice interferes with B track schooling (9:10 to 3:30) so she has to be A track, and they don't offer Kindergarten on the A track schedule... bummer deal, but it's only a year, right?  I have found some other mom's in similar predicaments and we are carpooling the kids, so life is good.  Looking forward to next year when both girls can be on the same track!