Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday?

I am a week in writing this post.  Shame on me.  :(  My baby turned two last Saturday.  I am both happy and sad all in one.

Happy, of course because this great bright spot in my life has been burning so strong for over two years now.

Sad because he is growing so fast, and I can't seem to make him stop long enough for me to really take in the losing of my baby and the gaining of a curiously busy toddler.

He is such a cute, funny, intense, and silly little man.  He has won over the hearts of more than one momma I know.  He is smart - he can count to irteen (right after quelve), knows most colors, some letters, and recognizes certain numbers by sight.

He loves his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and has memorized the catch phrases and names of all the characters.  He sings and dances the hot dog dance, and can accurately do the "roll call" from the beginning of the show.  He has recently been introduced to Handy Manny and Chuggington, and is a fan of all things that are round, bounce, have wheels, say vroom, and/or choo-choo, and that can be stacked...  Or in other words, all vehicles, balls and blocks.

Now- the reason I am a week late in writing this... the poor little man is so darn sick!  Right at his birthday last week he got croup.  A pretty nasty case of it, to be sure.  Just as the croup was ending he started in with a VERY runny nose.  It's been so bad he now has sores under and around his nose from all the nose wiping.   3 days in to that he starts getting what starts out as a small cough and progresses to a full blown, chest rattling, productive cough.  Then comes the pink eye.  OH how I hate pink.  And green.  Coming out of his eyes. And nose...  ick.  Poor little monkey!  To top all of that off, the little guy woke up in the middle of the night tonight with a 103 degree temperature.  Will this little man catch a break this season?!  I sit here typing this at nearly midnight in hopes that the Children's Motrin will kick in any minute and he will be asleep again when I go to check on him in a few minutes.


As for the 2 year stats, he is still 10th percentile in height and weight and 75th in head circumference.  :)  If there is any truth to be had over the theory that doubling the child's height at their second birthday will tell you how tall they will be as adults, then he will be 5'8" when he grows up.  That would make him taller than his daddy by 2 inches.  No matter how he turns out, I will love him all the same.  Happy late 2nd Birthday to my very favorite son!  I love you Matthew!


Mary and Steve said...

I just can't wrap my head around him being 2! He is stinkin' cute. I hope he and you get a break soon. Sickies are the worst!

Ben and Heidi said...

No wonder we haven't seen the little guy in nursery. I hope he gets all the way better so soon.

Melanie said...

Two year olds are so awesome. I can't believe he is two already.

Amber said...

I can't believe he is that old either! So darling...

Party of Four said...

What a cute boy you have!!!! Can you even believe its been 2 years?? He is such a darling babe!

and ps- I just looked it up, and according to Nolan's height and weight he should be 6'4" at age 18...... gonna be a tall guy I think!