Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year I try to set an attainable goal for myself.  I know most people do, but rather than setting resolutions that get broken and forgotten about by January 15th, I try to set goals that I won't forget, and can be met.  The best way I found to do this is to set an open ended resolution.  Instead of saying I want to read 50 biographies this year, I would say, I want to read more biographies, be it 2 or 200 if I read one, I have succeeded and it takes the pressure off.  

Also, I think pretty hard about what exactly my goals will be.  I try not to overload myself by setting too many.  This year I am gonna take a spin off of my friend's blog post.  (Go read it, it's awesome, also the outcome of the post... fantastic, really.)  To very much sum it up, she downsized Christmas, and made it special.  Each person got three gifts one thing they needed, one thing they wanted, and one thing for their body in representation of Christ's three gifts.  

So my spin...  I will set 3 resolutions: One frivolous one (gold). One spiritual one (frankincense).  One health one (myrrh).

1. I will go on dates with my husband to do things new and entertaining... Though I love going out to dinner, sometimes dinner and a movie feels a little rut like... especially when there aren't any good movies out. 

2. Going to the Temple.  We have no excuses, the youth in our ward babysit for free if you are going to the Temple, so why don't I go more often?  

3. I will use my treadmill more.  Once my toe is no longer broken...  

Now, as a family I have only one resolution in mind:  We will get better at having Family Home Evening.  In previous years we have tackled family prayer and family scripture study.  Both of which are a regular occurrence in our house now.  It's time to make FHE a regular activity too.  

I think these goals are realistic, and yet they won't be too easy...

On a lighter note, I have made up some resolutions for my kids... 

For Lilia:
I will not fake being sick because I hate getting up so early for school, since it's my own fault for needing to be put on A track school time.  (A track, for those who don't know, starts an hour and 15 minutes before B track)

For Lacey:
I will stop needing diapers at night.  I am a big girl, and should be able to get the bathroom at night.  Especially now that the basement bathroom is up and running.

For Matthew:
I will stop growing up so fast since I realize I am my Momma's last baby and she is sad to see my babyhood disappearing so quickly.

Happy New Year to everyone!  May your resolutions hold true.