Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dance Class!

It is finally time...  Lacey got to join her sister in extracurricular activities this year.  Lilia did dance classes for two years before recently moving to gymnastics.  It was a good move for her, and I kind of hoped Lacey would choose gymnastics, but when given the choice she insisted on dance classes.  I love that my girls have different personalities and different interests!  Her class is a ballet/tap/tumbling combination class.  They work on all three for 15 minutes each.  

 Lacey is a cute little ballerina. This is her posing all ready to leave for her first class.

Here she is sitting with the rest of the class in their tap shoes.  What a cutie!

Afterward, they remove the tap shoes and do some tumbling barefoot.
Finally they do ballet.
She is beyond thrilled to be in dance classes, and I am thrilled to let her take part in something she loves to do.  I hope she never stops loving to move and dance!


Ben and Heidi said...

My girls did this class last year.. we love Miss Avalie she is great with the kids

Amber said...

What fun!