Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So one of the best things a bout my local Walmart is their inability to properly stock certain fruits. More specifically, raspberries and strawberries. A few times a year they find themselves inundated with excess berries, so to get rid of them they sell them SUPER cheap. As in .99 cheap. so instead of paying upwards of 2.00 per clamshell of raspberries or strawberries, you can get them for a dollar! And of course, I do. And then I make them into some of the yummy canned goods I love so much.

Sure enough- this last week Walmart had bunches of strawberries to off load, and boy did I help them out! Over the course of three days I bought 15 clamshells of berries and proceeded to cook them up in all sorts of fun ways!

I also, helped a friend of mine with her 9 (or was it 12?) clamshells as well... She chose to turn hers into strawberry jam to be sold at a bake sale for her daughter's soccer team (all you local yocal's out there, I think she still has some for sale... you know- in case you wanna help out a bit).

I then went on to make some strawberry/blueberry jam, and a couple batches of freezer jam, two batches of strawberry ice cream base (to be turned into ice cream at a later date), and 3 batches of strawberry lemonade concentrate... YUM!

A picture of just some of the goods I made... :D
When I had finished all this, I then went on to buy my mother 5 clamshells of strawberries and proceeded to freeze them for her to use in smoothies, and other such goodies.
I still had enough strawberries left over to make some strawberry shortcake for dessert one night. One of my family's favorite desserts...

Oh how I love Spring! Bring on the berries!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh, Pam, my mouth is watering!!!

Laural Out Loud said...

Yum!! I never thought to make strawberry lemonade concentrate- that is a fabulous idea. I love stawberry season!