Friday, June 4, 2010


First off, Matthew has officially been tested for food allergies. The day of the test he had a pretty crappy reaction and projectiled all over me and our couch. The rash was in full bloom, and he was super congested. I was kinda glad (sorta) because it meant being able to take him to the doc MID REACTION. So we took him in, the doctor agreed that he looked like he had an allergy, but then... ALL the tests came back negative! UGH! So there I was trying not to cry, because I was SO SURE he was allergic, and if he ISN'T, as great as that news is, it puts me back at square one with what exactly is WRONG with my sweet boy?! The doctor said it might be FPIES- which is basically a step between an allergy and intolerance, so he gave me some specific instructions to check for a reaction. Oddly enough- this test was almost a month ago and he has had NO REACTIONS WHATSOEVER since the test. My guess is that he had allergies, and has outgrown them (which was always a likely possibility).

Second, my kids are super cute.

Third, Lilia graduated from kindergarten last week, and we couldn't be more proud of her. She got nearly perfect grades (all 4's and one 3), and she was given a certificate stating she is the most athletic kindergarten girl. Um, news to me! :) She then proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that she "has to stay home for three months before [she] can go to first grade."

Fourth, my kids are awesome and amazing!

Fifth, Matthew has officially tried solids. Yeah- not much of a fan. We are still working on learning to pull food to the back of the throat... He still spits it out (and makes the cutest little "PBBT!" sound every time...). All in good time!

(The rash on his face is the only sign of a possible skin allergy, but we haven't been able to pin point what is the cause yet)

Sixth, my son's chub makes me giggle. He is so cute!

Seventh, we are leaving for vacation in San Fran, Mo-Town, and Tahoe next Saturday. If you are interested in getting together with me lemme know!

Eighth, my middle child is very determined. When she wants something she can't reach, she just builds steps... albeit very DANGEROUS steps...
(that would be to reach the play dough on the top of the bookshelf)

Ninth, I like this picture- not sure why...

And finally, my cousin reminded me that what WAS in this spot is still a secret... to be updated later...


Amber said...

Your kids are super cute, awesome & amazing! I love the update & pics! I miss ya!

Ben and Heidi said...

Lots going on in your life.. I like the foot picture too. I hope you can get to the bottom of whats going on with Matthew soon!

Diane Conn said...

Hey Pam,
That aunt doesn't want anyone to know about that so you should probably take it down until something else is said.

Cammy said...

Just stopped by to check out your cute blog and read/saw the part about the rash on Matthews face. Looks similar to something we had been battling with Savannah until a few weeks ago. The culprit turned to out be wet wipes. We now only use a washcloth and water to wipe her off. I don't know if you use wipes to clean him off but it is something to try if you do. Children are such a mystery I hope you are able to get to the bottom of things soon. Best of Luck!